2023: The Year Corporate Wokeness Crashed

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James Lasher

In 2023, the business world witnessed a stark contrast between companies that embraced leftist ideologies and those that pushed back with traditional values. While corporate giants like Disney and Target suffered major financial losses due to their controversial marketing strategies, a counter-movement of Christian entrepreneurs emerged, determined to bring light to the darkness that has enveloped some corners of American businesses.

In a year that saw Budweiser losing billions due to their teaming up with TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, a man who parades around as a woman, Target decided to join them in the waters of a national boycott, which also saw the company lose billions of dollars.

Target drew significant criticism for partnering with a member of the LGBTQ community who openly promoted Satan and all the associated ideologies. The retailer’s “tuck-friendly” swimwear line aimed at children further fueled the backlash. Despite the financial consequences of its actions, the company has continued to promote its “Christmas Pride” collection, seemingly disregarding the values of their customers.

Disney, too, faced a significant decline in 2023, with its movies consistently underperforming at the box office. The House of Mouse’s decision to infuse radical feminism, anti-male rhetoric and LGBTQ ideology into its films has alienated the brand’s once-loyal family audience.

And that has become evident in the flops at the box office that they spent billions on creating such as Lightyear, Strange World, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Haunted Mansion, The Marvels and the newest flop to join the list: Wish.

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In another shocking example of corporate promotion of the occult, Kentucky Fried Chicken boldly displayed posters of the demon Lilith to promote the release of the game Diablo IV, which features demonic imagery, blood sacrifices and other disturbing content. The widespread acceptance of this marketing campaign by the public has led to concerns about the spiritual consequences of such media consumption.

But there is good news to combat these spirits that have infiltrated the business world, and that is the victory of Jesus Christ.

People are recognizing what these companies are doing. It has become so obvious and the evil is so tangible that even non-Christians have called them out, even if they do not fully understand the spiritual implications behind these events.

Despite the darkness that has pervaded the business world, there is hope. Companies like Public Square, led by CEO Michael Seifert, are taking a stand against anti-family values by offering bonuses to employees who have children or choose to adopt. This initiative aims to create stronger families and promote the importance of traditional values in the workplace.

The year 2023 has demonstrated the need for Christians to be more active in all aspects of society, including the digital, business, political and sports worlds. By engaging in these spheres, Christians can bring the light of Jesus to a world that is increasingly shrouded in darkness.

As we look forward to 2024, the question remains: Will Christians choose to support companies that align with their values, or will they continue to contribute to the success of businesses that openly oppose God’s teachings? The choice is in the hands of each individual, and the consequences of their actions will shape the future of the corporate world and the values it promotes.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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