Mumbai Man Delivered of Insanity Spirit

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Sabhya Halia left for Mumbai in search of a well-paying job so he could take care of his family, but days after his arrival, his sanity unexpectedly left him. Instead of working as a laborer or with a company, Sabhya found himself roaming the streets like a mad man. He slept on the sidewalks, unaware evil spirits had taken control of his body and mind.

When his parents and wife found out about his condition, they felt devastated and were distraught. They approached a witch doctor and spent around 20,000 rupees (US $500) for Sabhya’s healing.

“He will come back home within 10 days,” the witch doctor told them. With eager expectation, Sabhya’s family waited. But the 10 days came and went, and still Sabhya did not return. Finally, his father, Salim, decided to go search for his son. When he found Sabhya, he convinced him to return home. However, on the bus ride back, Sabhya suddenly jumped from the moving vehicle and hid himself. Salim went looking for him among the mass of people , but with a heavy heart, he returned home—without his lost son.

Meanwhile, Sabhya continued to wander the streets. He did not eat, and children threw stones at him and chased him out of their communities.
The evil spirits had complete control over him, but their powers were weakening. While they tormented Sabhya, his family shared their struggle with Ragini Silva, a believer who attended a Gospel for Asia-supported church.

“Don’t worry,” Ragini said. “Tomorrow our pastor and the church believers are coming to my house to fast and pray. We will pray for Sabhya.”
The next day, Sabhya’s wife and mother-in-law attended the prayer meeting. After days of praying, Salim surprisingly received a call from his son asking him to bring him back home. Through the power of prayer, the evil spirits left Sabhya, and the Lord restored his sanity.

Sabhya and his family gave their life to the Lord, and they now serve Him with their whole hearts.

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