God Releases the End-Times Flood

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Joseph Mattera

With the destruction of Judeo/Christian values in Western culture, people are left to order their lives through means outside of the biblical narrative.

This means that presently, we have a free-for-all system where every person defines their own laws, ethics and values. Self-expression is the new ethos, and even if self-destructive lifestyles diminish a society’s quality, restricting it is a great taboo and cited as a form of bigotry.

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As traditional narratives continue being deconstructed, we have also experienced a loss of the collective metanarrative for understanding the world. This leads to uncertainty, nihilism and a feeling-based morality that determines public policy, one where personal identity trumps psychology above biology. 

In the past, people made up for this loss of the biblical metanarrative largely by deriving their identity from their ethnicity. But with a rapid acceleration in individualism, autonomous secular humans are left with a reductionist mindset that has further collapsed their existential perspective to mere individual expression. This is where we get the saying, “I am trying to be the best version of myself.”

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All this has resulted in an erosion of society into polarized interest groups made up of individuals joining together as perceived outcasts, victims or other entrenched (proletariat) categories, myopically promoting their agenda rather than society’s common good, leading to a polarized and divided nation.

In Genesis 1, God framed the created order with biological distinctions for the botanic, animal and human species, all with the ability and propensity to multiply after their kind. 

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