Will COVID-19 Influence the 2020 Presidential Election?

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Steve Strang

The novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, will likely be remembered similarly to the way we recall Pearl Harbor or Sept.11, 2001. In some ways America will never be the same.

The coronavirus has changed the way we “do life.” Millions of people have discovered they don’t have to rush around. Staying at home with the family isn’t that bad. And even President Trump said watching church online—which he said he has done several Sundays during the shutdown—wasn’t so bad.

The coronavirus has also changed our politics. For a couple of weeks normal politics were on the back burner—no political rallies. Most of the news focused on the coronavirus instead of on endless investigations and impeachment. Even Gov. Gavin Newsom of California and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York had nice things to say about President Trump when he rushed to their aid as the pandemic hit those states particularly hard. But the Democrats also blasted him for acting too slowly. Nancy Pelosi said people would die because of Trump’s incompetence as a leader.

But the opposite was true.

I believe Donald Trump has given great leadership in this pandemic. I believe he will continue to give great leadership and the economy will roar back. As bad as the pandemic is, it may help him to win even bigger in the November election.

But all bets are off. Trump’s single major selling point to American voters who normally might not vote for a Republican was the soaring economy. The New York Post reported on March 21: “The coronavirus poses an ‘existential threat’ to President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection, campaign insiders and GOP operatives say.” If this is true, then we have even more reason to back this president and help him get reelected.

Why did I write God, Trump and COVID-19 on such short notice? I wanted to make the case that Trump is providing good leadership through this, which is one more reason we must return him to office. I’ve written several books about Donald Trump because I believe we are at a critical juncture in the life of our country, and I believe God has raised up this incredible leader for such a time as this.

My previous book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election, explores what is at stake if he loses in November. It is the most important book I’ve ever written. If you haven’t read it, I hope you will—not because it’s my book but because I believe it will help you understand what the liberal fake news (and even the more conservative secular news media) won’t tell you: Where is God in all this, and what is His will?

God, Trump and the 2020 Election has done very well and is getting good reviews, but a month after it was released in January 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the United States. In a matter of weeks everything changed. In early April I felt I should write a new book about how this unexpected pandemic could affect the outcome of this election. It’s much shorter than my other books, and I wrote it in only 19 days. It’s timely and topical and in some ways is the sequel to God, Trump and the 2020 Election.

If you have not read God, Trump and the 2020 Election, I hope you enjoy this book and that it makes you want to read the original. Not only did I have a chapter in that book on “Why Trump Must Win,” but I had a chapter on “Why He Might Lose.” One of the reasons was if something terrible were to happen to the economy. In late 2019 when I wrote that chapter, it seemed to me that the economy would continue to soar. Now all that has changed. And it might affect the outcome of the election.

Soon the pandemic will end and our country will return to some form of new normal. And when Nov. 3 rolls around, we will have an election, no matter what. The issues about freedom and religious liberty and how desperate (and frankly dishonest) the Left is will still be with us. If anything, the stakes will be even higher than if this pandemic hadn’t happened.

Most readers know I’m a publisher—it’s how I make a living. But I wrote these books not just to sell books but to light a fire under the Christian community that we must turn out at the polls like never before, or life as we know it will end and persecution of Christians and those who oppose the Leftist agenda will likely begin.

You can decide if I make the case well. If I do, I hope you will encourage others to read not only this small book but the original as well. Once the supply chain opens up again, it will be available wherever books are sold. Plus, you can get it online, including on our website SteveStrangBooks.com. I hope you read it, recommend it and become passionate about reelecting a president raised up by God for such a time as this. {eoa}

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