Why You Should Watch This Christian Film About an Atheist’s Vision of Heaven This Christmas

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Steve Strang

One of the most incredible Christian-oriented movies I’ve ever seen is called Let There Be Light. Fox News’ Sean Hannity actually executive produced the film and Kevin Sorbo directed and acted in it along with his wife, Sam, and two sons.

Let There Be Light tells the story of a man named Dr. Sol Harkens who loses his son to cancer. As a result, he leaves his family, becomes a womanizing drunk and even writes an anti-Christian book called Aborting God. But when Harkens is in a car accident and dies for four minutes, he sees his son in heaven.

The film, which originally came out in 2017, follows Harkens as he wrestles with the questions and pain that vision provokes—and surprises viewers at the end with a major twist. I highly encourage people to watch the film this Christmas season. (You can watch the trailer by clicking here!)

I recently had the privilege of meeting the Sorbo family on a trip I took, so I asked Sam to do a podcast with me about the incredible film. She told me that the way the film came about was actually quite incredible.

It started when she had the thought that atheists’ beliefs aren’t publicly questioned nearly as much as Christians’ are. As a mom raising three Christian children in a secular world, it made her wonder what an atheist being challenged about his beliefs would look like. She knew she had a film story on her hands.

She asked an experienced writer to help her with the script. Around two weeks later, Hannity calls her husband, Kevin, saying he wanted to do a movie with him and asking if he had any projects he could start working on.

“You can talk to anybody in Hollywood, and they will always tell you that the money never chases the project. The film is always chasing after the money,” Sam says. “Typically, the film runs out of breath before the money does. So for us to get the funding like that was amazing. And when Sean saw the movie, he was just blown away. He was the best executive producer you could want.”

Hannity wasn’t the only one impressed with the film. When the movie released to the public, the reaction was just as generous.

“People were blown away,” Sam says. “[The movie] is a roller coaster ride for your emotions, and it’s about family and faith and forgiveness. And they thanked us for making the movie because it made a difference in their lives and they were more hopeful about life when they stepped out of the theater than when they stepped in.”

And that, Sam says, was their main goal. Their ultimate objective was to give people hope, to inspire people to look to God no matter what desperate situation they’re facing.

Let There Be Light truly is an incredible film. Like Sam said, there are numerous ups and downs that take viewers for an emotional roller-coaster ride! But ultimately, you will walk away from the film feeling encouraged, built up and eager to trust in Jesus no matter what.

I’m just grateful that talented people like the Sorbos are using their gifts to honor God and point others to him. I hope Let There Be Light becomes a Christian classic. And if people like you and me support Christian actors and directors, more Christian films can get the attention they need—and deserve.

Click here to listen to my interview with Sam, and if you’ve seen Let There Be Light, comment below with how it impacted you!

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