Why those who Proclaim a ‘Woke Jesus’ are Killing True Christianity

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Stephen Strang

Wokeism is part of a dangerous, Marxist point of view that has been permeating cultures for decades. We see it in nearly every institution in our country. Now we see it in the church and we must confront it.

In his latest book, “Woke Jesus,” Lucas Miles powerfully shares how Marxism, and the values of critical race theory in particular, are now permeating the church and being being spewed from the pulpit. He’s a pastor from Indiana who wrote “The Christian Left” a few years ago. I read it and did an audio podcast you can listen to here.

His latest book is “Woke Jesus,” and it’s even more powerful. It’s a fantastic read, and I believe every Christian should read it. It exposes what I believe is a demonic plot within the church to pervert Christianity.

Recently I interviewed Miles on my Strang Report podcast. When talked about how most pastors and leaders don’t want to touch this subject, but instead they put it on the backburner, believing that it doesn’t apply to them or their church. However, that’s simply not true. I believe the Christian church is the only outlet that can stand up against wokeism for the preservation of Christianity, and ultimately, of our society.

“The only way we’re truly going to defeat this is if we understand the ins and outs of it completely, so much so that the church is able to get to the point where we no longer are deceived over these issues,” Miles said. “Heresy has happened in the church before. There have been false messages, false gospels, false teachers that have risen up, but the unique thing about where we’re at today is that heresy is being funded. There are dollars being put behind it to purposely divide the church.”

Miles is correct. Marxism exists to destroy everything that the church stands for. Of course one of its biggest goals is to completely infiltrate and divide believers amongst one another. This isn’t a small subject a few people are whispering about in the pews. It’s being preached, sometimes subtly, from the pulpit. The indoctrination isn’t gripping just those outside of the faith. It’s coming for the believer. It typically starts with race and then morphs to gender ideology until people finally become spiritually numb to the Holy Spirit.

“Within the church that has happened through the form of liberation theology and black liberation theology where Marxist thought has been injected into Christianity,” Miles said. “It sort of allowed this amalgamation of the gospel in Marxist ideology to really morph together, and it’s become this sort of theological hitchhiker along this faith journey of these certain movements.”

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This is crucial for understanding how the left perceives Jesus. He is seen through a lens shaped by liberal moral values. According to CRT’s ideology, Jesus is only valuable to the extent that His behavior aligns with progressive ideas on race, gender and sexuality. This perspective distorts the true essence of Christianity, which is centered on the cross of Calvary.

“When we suffer for His namesake this side of eternity, the only thing that I can give the Lord that I can’t give Him in eternity is suffering for the sake of Christ,” Miles said. “Critical race theory robs this because now the suffering is all about me, it’s about my skin color, my sexuality, my country of origin, my immigration status, my socioeconomic status, and this takes from God the glory that could be given to Him in the face of suffering for the name of Christ.”

What might be one of the worst parts of the Marxist worldview is not only what it takes away from Christianity and how it distorts reality, but how many people do not know that what they are being taught from many local churches is actually contrary to the Word of God.

“It’s allowed this Marxist thought to really be, you know, introduced to a lot of unsuspecting people that think what they’re getting is a Christian message, but in fact, it’s actually this potent, sort of viral load that’s being thrown at them with this Marxist undertone,” Miles said.

Miles also passionately called on pastors, church leaders and all individuals engaging in Christian doctrine to take a stand against wokeism. He stressed the importance of recognizing wokeism’s incompatibility with biblical teachings and fostering a community of believers committed to standing firm in the faith. I agree that if those of us who truly do know the Word of God and stand on it stay committed to Christ, we can survive and even thrive in this upside-down world.

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