Why Solving the Illegal Immigration Crisis Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated

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Steve Strang

Illegal immigration is one of the worst crises the United States is facing right now. And unfortunately, the solution to fix the problem isn’t simple. Thankfully, there several conservative thinkers like Marc Nuttle who have great ideas on how to tackle such a delicate issue. Nuttle is a lawyer, author and consultant who has advised several presidents and leaders of foreign countries.

He has an uncanny ability to clearly and convincingly articulate his understanding of the illegal immigration crisis and how to work toward solving it. I recently invited Nuttle onto my “Strang Report” podcast to discuss this very topic. He makes several insightful points, including that Congress’ dysfunction and the liberal media’s arrogance only make the immigration crisis worse. You can listen to our interview by clicking here or clicking on the podcast icon in this article.

With his permission, I would like to share with you a portion of a newsletter he wrote on this issue. You can read it below:

The issue of immigration is complicated. Mexico as a nation-state does not send immigrants to America. The dysfunctional nature of their society sends America immigrants. The greatest problem in Mexico is corruption, advanced and sustained by the drug lords. There are honest government officials and a courageous police force trying to do the right thing every day. But it is a struggle. The United States should enforce its laws across the border to include prosecution of the warlords of Mexico. It may not be easy, but it can be done. We did it in Panama when we arrested and imprisoned Manuel Noriega.

What is this raw nerve? It consists of the collective understanding that this country has inherent problems that include immigration, an unsecured border, a visionless foreign policy, an unsustainable budget, a broken infrastructure and a general society that does not see itself anymore as a unified-in-purpose populace. But this is not what makes the nerve raw. The above makes the nerve sensitive. What makes it raw is a dysfunctional do-nothing Congress, a condescending intelligentsia that thinks its wisdom is better than anyone else’s and a disrespectful, arrogant press.

Donald Trump is calling foul on all of them, and the public is responding, “Finally! Someone is speaking to the reality of the situation.” Congress is dysfunctional in that it cannot offer any answer whatsoever on how to secure our borders. It frustrates the public and produces a raw nerve. It may be difficult to secure the border, but it can be done. Israel built a wall. Yes, our border is much longer than Israel’s, but let the American people decide at what cost they are willing to sacrifice to secure the border. It’s not that the issue is difficult; it’s that no one will honor the people’s honest intentions to discuss options.

The press ignores the obvious facts. There are criminals coming across the border. It has been documented. The illegal immigrant who shot an innocent woman in San Francisco was a five-time felon. Very little mention was made of this repeat offender. What makes the public’s nerve raw is that it appears that Congress, the press and the intellects don’t want to secure the border and have no compassion for how an open border impacts the average American physically or in their psyche.

It is important to remember that, as the United States of America, we respect and are open to immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants. Our future economic stability depends upon immigration, but our laws must be respected if we are to maintain order.

You can read the rest of Nuttle’s article on illegal immigration by clicking here and subscribing to the Nuttle Report. If you agree with what he said, share this article and the podcast on your social media!

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