Why Christians Must Refuse Coronavirus Panic if We Want to See Trump Reelected

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Steve Strang

The number of coronavirus infections and deaths continues to climb in the United States. As of this writing, there are 163,539 infections and almost 3,000 deaths from this virus. As a result, many are beginning to panic, and sadly, that includes Christians. Unfortunately, this could impact President Donald Trump’s ability to get reelected.

During the nation’s focus on this pandemic, I am doing almost no promotion of my new book, partly so as not to be “tone deaf” to the mood of the country. But the fact is we will get past this and things will get back normal. And one way or another, we will have an election in November. It was with this in mind that I believe it’s legitimate to look at the upcoming election in light of what our nation is going through.

Recently, I spoke with Pastor Shane Idleman of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, California, about this very topic. His state was one of the first in the U.S. to go on lockdown. But even with the mandated quarantines and stay-at-home orders, Idleman says Christians must have a balance when approaching this situation. And if we maintain that godly balance, we may just see revival.

“We know, as Christians, God’s right there; He hasn’t moved,” Idleman says. “He’s not concerned. He’s not wondering what’s going to happen. And I believe personally that these times of difficulty often bring us to a deeper relationship with Him if we turn in the right direction, not the wrong direction.

“I love reading about revivals of [the] First Great Awakening with Edwards and Wesley and Whitfield, and even the Welsh revivals of 1700s. And you’d often see a state of decay or a state of decline, before God would bring a sense of revival. So I’m very optimistic, but I want to find that balance of using wisdom but not letting fear dictate our decisions, whether that’s closing down churches or just looking at the media all day long and really being led by the wrong spirit. So we’ve got to be very careful.”

Idleman also says not to give in to the coronavirus hysteria, which could be used to undermine Trump’s election. After all, under Trump’s leadership, the American economy was going strong. But once the coronavirus hit and the media began playing it up, the stock market crashed, and experts are predicting a big recession will come our way. All this makes people want to blame someone—and that someone will inevitably be Trump.

God is sovereign, Idleman says, but we must also remember we have a civic duty to vote for and support the person whose political values most align with the Word of God.

“I think, from what I’m hearing and reading, this is getting Christians off of their couches and back into the prayer closet,” he says. “It’s getting them hungry for God again. They see that unless God moves, we’re lost. So sometimes you need that wake-up call. And God uses things like this to stir us and to get us out of that comfortable mode. I call it ‘comfortable Christianity’ or ‘microwave Christianity.’ That’s not going to cut it in these dire times. We need to get back to the prayer meetings and the time of seeking God—not putting our hope in Donald Trump, but putting our hope and true trust and faith in God.”

I appreciate Idleman’s God-centered approach to the coronavirus situation. He encourages believers to stay updated by watching the news, but he tells them not to let the reports fill them with fear. Instead, Christians must fill themselves with worship, prayer and the Bible. Those three things will carry believers through this difficult season.

Make sure you listen to my full interview with Idleman, and as always, share this article on your social media. Spread the word that God is still in control!

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