Were These Pushed Impeachment Hearings Prophesied?

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Steve Strang

Everyone’s eyes are glued to the TV and these Congress hearings the left is using to try to bring down the president. Who could have predicted the chaos our country is experiencing right now? Interestingly, what’s happening today is similar to what Frank Amedia prophesied in March 2018.

Amedia is not only a pastor and founder of intercessory organization POTUS SHIELD, but he is also a man of God with a tremendous prophetic gift. I invited him onto my “Strang Report” podcast to discuss his prophecy. Read below the full prophetic word Amedia gave on March 29, 2018:

“I released the prophecy that was given to me after the victory of 2016—that Donald Trump will win the election in 2020, but it will be a dogfight. I had received it and declared it at the end of last year that in February of this year, we would have chaos in the nation, administration shifting, nations rattling swords, Russia and North Korea, the stock market going all over the place.

“And then would come the Ides of March—not a month, but a season of betrayal, disloyalty, rebellion, like Absalom. And the forces from within both parties and the oversight powers would attempt to bring down this presidency, halt the transformation of the nation and in doing so, also attempt to inflict wounds upon the body of Christ.

“Darkness and gloom are on the horizon. Emergency out of the chaos. We must stand stronger as a shield and force now to help to pierce through the storm. Please tell our president to be strong and of good courage. The Lord is going before him, and we are shifting and lifting up a continual shield of power. He should not believe enticing words around him that he should trust any special counsel or party leaders—to be just only the Lord, his family, his friends and the praying warriors and watchmen who are to be trusted.

“He should not give his enemies an inch of rope. They are intent on removing him no matter what he does or does not do. Do not lean into their own understanding and do not allow them to impede his own discernment. God only will carry him through these minefields that are about to start exploding.

“Two more appointments of the Supreme Court are imminent in this season.”

Amedia says God gave him this word clearly on Nov. 9, 2016, at 3:30 in the morning. Trump had just been declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Everyone who supported him was celebrating. But Amedia was listening closely to what the Lord would say.

It would seem clear that the part where Amedia prophesied about people trying to betray the president and remove him is coming to pass with these impeachment hearings. Amedia thinks the Senate will stay strong, but he also believes there will be another witness who comes forward in the hearings.

“So we need to be strong and resolute and understand that we’re not seeing what we’re seeing,” Amedia says. “And there’s going to be another wave. That wave could well start during this next election cycle as we get into this last year, before the election, and then carry over into 2020. It’s going to be even darker, and it’s going to be more chaos. It’s going to require that this president stay strong and that the voices around him be very strong.”

Thankfully, it appears that Trump is continuing to be resolute. We can see that even with his recent move to hire Pastor Paula White Cain as an adviser and as head of the White House’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative.

Amedia says that even though Cain has had tremendous influence with Trump—she’s known as his pastor and longtime friend—Trump’s choice to put her into a leadership position shows tremendous boldness. It also shows he isn’t letting naysayers around him influence his decisions.

“We need to stand with her for such a time as this,” Amedia says of Cain. And he’s right. As God puts faithful leaders into positions of political authority, we need to support them and cover them in prayer.

Amedia has much more to say about his March 2018 prophecy. To listen to my interview with him, click here. And if what he has to say encourages and equips you, share this article with a friend and let it do the same for them.

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