‘The Oracle’: How President Trump Fulfilled the Ancient Jubilean Prophecies

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Steve Strang

One of the biggest books of our generation was The Harbinger by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. In it, he unearths biblical mysteries playing out in our time, linking specifically to the terror attack on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001. (Click here to read about my recent interview with him regarding The Harbinger.) Now, in his new book, The Oracle, Cahn reveals how the ancient Jubilean prophecies are unfolding before our eyes—including through President Donald Trump.

The Oracle, which I was proud to publish through FrontLine, took the No. 1 spot in the Hardcover Fiction category on Publishers Weekly earlier this week. And although it just released two weeks ago, the book has already achieved a double ranking on two of the New York Times‘ bestseller lists.

In his book, Cahn uses a narrative and the revelations of a man called the “Oracle” to reveal ancient and modern truths. And in my latest interview with Cahn, he tells me that The Oracle is the most widely spanning mystery he’s written about yet. (Click here or click on the podcast icon in this article to listen to my new interview with Cahn.)

“This is really a mystery of the past, the present and the future,” Cahn says. “It spans from ancient times to eternity from our salvation individually to—everything—Donald Trump, Mark Twain.”

Cahn says his journey of writing The Oracle began back in 2017 when he was preaching in Toronto, Canada.

“I just kept getting bombarded by the Jubilee,” he says. “It was Canada’s triple Jubilee—which began in 1867 and is also linked to this mystery. I had not been to Canada since I was a kid, and it was a Jubilee [50 years] since I had been to Canada. The people who invited me, they were there that same year, 50 years ago. Our hotel was celebrating 50 years. They booked the church and on the wall, it said, ‘Jubilee—50 Years.’ I was bombarded.”

As he felt led by the Lord, Cahn began working on The Oracle a year and a half ago. He quickly began noticing Jubilean patterns in the Bible and in history—important events, births of significant people or prophetic fulfillments that occurred 50 years apart.

One of those significant years was 1917, during which Israel gained back much of its land, and World War I caused some empires to crumble and others to strengthen. Fifty years later, in 1967, Jerusalem was restored.

“After 2,000 years, the Jewish people enter the gates of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War,” Cahn says. “… When you count 50 years from 1967, it obviously takes you to 2017. Did anything happen concerning the restoration or Jubilee of Jerusalem? Well, the one thing that Israel never got in the Six-Day War was the legal rights, the legal recognition that happens when you return to the land. That didn’t happen until President Trump issued the Jerusalem declaration. And that was historic. There’s never been such a declaration—even since ancient times.”

Trump most likely didn’t realize he was fulfilling prophetic mysteries, but he did. This is just further evidence that God is sovereign over historical events.

Cahn says even Trump’s name has prophetic significance: “What do you need for the Jubilee? You need the trumpet to sound. And what does our president’s name mean in English? It means the trumpet. So you have President Trump, and you have the Jubilee.

“And when does he come to power? In 2017. He starts sounding at the beginning of the Jubilee. … So the Trump sounded, and the right of Jerusalem is given back to the Jewish people. And on top of that, there is actually a Scripture that was appointed for the day of his birth that is linked to this whole mystery.”

For all these things to happen, Cahn says, Trump had to be elected exactly when he was—at the end of 2016.

There is so much more Cahn covers in his book, but I encourage you to discover it for yourself by reading it! You can click here to purchase The Oracle, and click here to listen to our full interview. I think what Cahn shares will open your eyes to see prophetic mysteries you never knew existed.

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