The Left’s Dirty Secret About Trump Impeachment the American People Haven’t Heard

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Steve Strang

While the impeachment hearings and votes are going on in Washington, Christians must make sure to stay informed. Unfortunately, this can be hard to do without being affected by the media’s biased spin on the situation.

That’s why I recently interviewed national security expert Frank Gaffney. I’ve known Gaffney for many years. He served as assistant secretary of defense for international security policy under President Ronald Reagan, and he’s the founder and chairman of a number of influential groups in Washington.

In my podcast today, Gaffney shares several things that aren’t commonly known about what really happened with the Ukraine and the truth behind the impeachment efforts against Trump.

“Unfortunately, it’s not just the mainstream media that’s ignoring what’s actually going on,” Gaffney says. “It is the United States Congress, to this point, that has ignored—or been denied, I might say, by the Democrats—information that is directly relevant, absolutely material to the question of whether or not the president was doing something wrong, let alone an impeachable offense.”

But thankfully, some are speaking up about the truth. Gaffney says One America News Network (OAN) is one such outlet that isn’t afraid to speak up. The outlet is revealing the corruption that was taking place in Ukraine—which is why Trump was looking to investigate in the first place.

“The dirty secret here is that there is abundant evidence that would make clear why the president was trying to find out what had happened involving criminal activity by the vice president of the United States, by his son, by others. And the witnesses who could attest to this from Ukraine have in cases been denied the opportunity to come to the United States to tell their story. It’s simply scandalous.”

But why is the left so desperate to cover this up? Gaffney says it’s because, during the Obama administration, there was a clear effort to cover up what Biden’s son, Hunter, was doing. And Biden was complicit in covering it up as well.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is exposing the lies. Gaffney says Giuliani has shared with OAN the story that the House Democrats (including Adam Schiff, Jerry Nagler and Nancy Pelosi) won’t let the American people hear—the information being shared behind closed-door depositions.

One thing that seems odd is why the radical left is so intent on pursuing the impeachment process when they know it won’t go through in the Senate. But Gaffney says the left’s motives have little to do with the Senate.

“The only thing that is going to matter—and they are going to run on this in 2020—is that the president was impeached,” Gaffney says. “And most people won’t know what that means. It means that the House of Representatives brought charges against the president. They brought an indictment against the president. But the term impeachment is one that they hope will so sully him, will so erode popular confidence in him … that this will be enough to enable them to defeat him.”

This is why Christians can’t afford to sit back silently while the impeachment efforts continue. Even if the impeachment won’t pass in the Senate, we need to be willing to speak up for what’s right in this situation.

Gaffney encourages people to call their representatives and ask them if they watched the information Guiliani shared with OAN.

“Contact [your] representative and ask them this very question: ‘Did you watch these programs at One America News Network?'” Gaffney says. “‘Did you know the content of the information that these Ukrainian witnesses Rudy Giuliani and OAN have made available now before you cast your vote for the president’s impeachment? Because if you didn’t take the time, take the trouble to take aboard the information that they’ve made available, you are being malfeasant. You are not doing your duty. You are not performing your role as representative of your constituents.'”

Listen to my full conversation with Gaffney about the impeachment and the information the American people have largely been blind to.

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