Sid Roth: End-Times Outpouring of Glory Will Change Face of Christianity in My Lifetime

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Steve Strang

Imagine the glory of God so strong in Israel that thousands will come to Jesus just by proclaiming the simple gospel. Imagine scores of unbelievers receiving supernatural healing and seeing the manifest presence of God. This same thing will happen in America, according to Sid Roth of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. And when that happens, it will be in direct fulfillment of Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy that the final outpouring of glory would be 1,000 times greater than anything he had ever seen. The power of this final outpouring will surpass even Pentecost.

In an exclusive interview, I asked Sid about this move of glory, what it will look like, when it will come and how it will affect Christianity as we know it. (Be sure to listen to the entire interview by clicking on my “Strang Report” podcast at the end of this article.)

“There have been many prophecies by great men and women of God about the last great move of God’s Spirit, and their descriptions are the manifest glory of God,” Sid tells me. “One that comes to mind is Smith Wigglesworth. … He said he saw the end-times move of God’s Spirit. … This man, Smith Wigglesworth, saw every miracle Jesus did multiple times. He said the glory he saw was 1,000 times stronger than anything he had ever witnessed in his life.”

This glory will change the face of Christianity, Sid says. He cites the prophecies the late prophet Paul Cain often gave to crowds of people in stadiums. He says Cain often described this end-times glory.

“[Cain] said he saw dead people coming to life in these great gatherings, and that’s coming soon—very soon,” Sid says. “The glory of God will change the face of Christianity. The glory of God will cause the average Christian—who by the way is hungry for and is seeking God and knows the glory of God will be the great divider. It’s going to be that either you’re going to go with God or against God. And it’s going to be very dangerous for the Christian who is in sin.”

But this glory won’t just fall on Christians, Sid tells me. Israel will experience a great revival on account of this end-times outpouring. He says Christians who have been reaching out to Jews for years with little success will suddenly see the full fruit of their labor.

“Whoever [those Christians] talk to is going to be open to the gospel,” he says. “When this glory of God comes, God will raise up end-times fivefold ministers who will be like Paul the apostle—a true apostle. According to my understanding of the New Testament, an apostle moves in signs and wonders.”

Sid believes the true calling of Israel—to be a light to the nations—has never changed, and we will soon see that purpose ripen.

“I believe that out of Zion will come forth the Law,” he says. “And when I say the Law, I mean the living Torah, Jesus, the Word of God, to the four corners of the earth.”

Sid is already experiencing the firstfruits of this mass revival among the Jews. Whenever he ministers to Jewish people, he not only sees numerous healings, but many—if not most—of the unbelievers in the crowd get saved.

“When I speak to these Jewish people, I operate in words of knowledge,” he says. “I don’t touch anyone. I don’t prep anyone. I just ask them if they still feel pain. … And once they see these miracles, they’re totally open to the gospel.”

Sid has heard many people say Christians should just focus on loving Jews to win them to Jesus. But Sid says it’s much deeper than that.

“I have found over the years that if you only love the Jew, very little fruit will come [forth],” he tells me. “But if you love the Jew and operate in the glory, you’ll see a harvest like we read about in the book of Acts.”

Sid says that when this mass revival of salvation and God’s glory comes, no man will get the credit—only God.

“The difference between the anointing and the glory is that God shows up and does all the work,” he says. “In an anointing, you lay hands on people. In the glory, no man gets the glory except God.”

To learn more about this coming glory wave, listen to my interview with Sid below or visit cpnshows.com, where you can subscribe to my “Strang Report” podcast and my new show, “In Depth With Stephen Strang.”

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