Senator Josh Hawley Book Describes Epitome of Manhood

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Stephen Strang

It’s rare to see what I call biblical manhood portrayed in the public square, let alone talk about it. In times past, it was a given that men were guided by principles of strong character and integrity, and their primary responsibility was to protect those they loved–women and children.  Sadly that seems to have faded away. However,  I find hope that one of the highest profile politicians in American has written a major new book on this important topic.

He is U.S. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri.  He is a true American patriot, devout Christian, father and husband. He is frequently on media for his bold stand in Congress, especially when he questions far left people who appear before his Senate committee.  For example he asked Ketanji Brown Jackson to define a woman before she was confirmed to serve as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Amazingly she said she said she couldn’t do that yet she is a woman.  She made some comment that it was “above her pay grade.”

Now in his new book Manhood which released last month, Hawley has been standing up for the biblical definition of manhood and the God-breathed design of male and female.  I had the privilege of interviewing his on my Strang Report  video podcast which you can watch here.

One of Hawley’s most respectable characteristics is his vision for future generations to grow up in a world that allows both men and women to be who God created them to be.

“My message to all men, but especially young men, is you can transform your life, if you will live into the responsibilities and calling that God has for you,” Hawley told me on my podcast. “If you will follow His way in His pattern, you can transform your life, you can transform the lives of people around you, you can transform this nation. And I think that is such an incredibly hopeful message, but one that we need to hear in this day and age.”

Hawley’s words couldn’t ring truer. Our world is missing godly men who are living for godly purposes who know the specific plans and intent God created them with. We’ve been exhausted by a world turned completely upside down where young children are being told that they aren’t really the little boys and girls they were born as. One thing Hawley and I agree on is that the decline of manhood truly became noticeable when Marxism arose on college campuses back in the 1960s.

“This Marxism basically said that there is no such thing as male and female, that traditional gender roles are inherently oppressive, that the Bible is oppressive, that the Christian faith is oppressive,” Hawley says. “And the goal of Marxism, of the new Marxism in this country that grew up in the 1960s, was to try to overturn all those things, try to get rid of the biblical influence in our culture, try to overturn traditional gender roles, the traditional family, male and female, and you really see that coming to fruition today.”

It’s this Marxist agenda that has completely infiltrated American society today and we are seeing the damage from it today. Just look at the fact that a Supreme Court justice nominee couldn’t even answer the basic question, “What is a woman?”

This misunderstanding and doing away with biblical manhood have not only affected the young minds of our generation, but it has turned into a physical campaign that allows for body mutilation and puts young girls and women in harm’s way. Men are putting on women’s attire and competing against women in sports, and the trend has only gotten worse.

“They want to transform the country, they want to drain the country of any Christian influence,” Hawley says. “And that’s why Christians need to be bold.”

Most Christians who follow the Lord are gentle people. Most are also humble, or at least should be. However, that does not mean that we should stay silent. If we want to see men and women each earn the respect they deserve, we must stand up.

“I think that we have an obligation as Christians to speak the truth,” Hawley says. “What a privilege to get to stand for the Lord in such a time as this.”

To watch my full Strang Report, click here. 

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