Say Yes to the Dress, No to the Equality Act, Liberty Counsel Founder Warns

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Steve Strang

It’s a day almost every young woman dreams about: the day she gets to say yes to the dress.

But in the case of “Ann” (whose name has been changed to protect her identity), that special day shifted to a trauma-filled nightmare.

“As a wonderful Christian woman in her early 20s … she has been saving herself for the husband whom God had planned for her,” says Mat Staver, president and founder of Liberty Counsel. “And that is coming up this May. As a part of that, she and her mother and her sister went out for this wonderful occasion to try on and purchase a wedding gown for this amazing upcoming wedding.

“So she goes to this bridal store; she has an appointment,” Staver says. “She walks in, and the manager of the store puts her in touch with a person who is an assistant. And that assistant then takes her in to look at bridal gowns and then takes her into a private dressing room. And of course, these bridal outfits are hard to get in and out of. And so this young woman is having to dress and undress and be fitted, and this person is touching various private parts of her body. She has an uneasy feeling about this individual. This person has a ponytail, has a mask on. … But there’s something that, in her spirit, was not right.”

And Ann’s spirit spoke the truth. The person who was fitting her with her wedding gown was, in fact, a transgender man. Read the rest of Ann’s story as reported on Charisma News here.

Staver shares the story as a part of a plea for believers to take seriously the dangers of the Equality Act and the fact that situations like this, where Staver’s Liberty Counsel is working to defend Ann’s religious freedom, will become normal and legal should we allow the Equality Act to pass. This dangerous bill will protect the transgender man’s right to work, dress and behave as a woman while ignoring Ann’s right to privacy and to the faithful carrying out of her religious beliefs.

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