Rodney Howard-Browne Insists, ‘This Is Greater Than Trump; It’s About America’

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Steve Strang

Back in late 2019, when I wrote God, Trump and the 2020 Election, I included a chapter called “Why Trump Might Lose.” My research revealed that the No. 1 reason such an unexpected loss might take place was fraud. We are now seeing that play out in the headlines every day since Nov. 5.

Because of the massive election fraud that has been verified in numerous states as well as a news tip I received, I invited Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne of The River Church in Tampa, Florida, to a recent episode of the Strang Report podcast to discuss this tumultuous election and its impact on the future of our country. Howard-Browne is not only the first pastor to be arrested in our nation for the crime of holding a worship service, but he is also a student of politics and a passionate defender of truth. And he says unequivocally that the fraud surrounding this election must be uncovered and stopped before it’s too late.

“This is greater than Trump,” Howard-Browne, who grew up in South Africa and thus appreciates the value of freedom more than many people, says. “This is about America. It really is. What people don’t understand [is that] they think because we are behind Trump that we just ignore everything. And I said to somebody, ‘You don’t understand. After Trump, there’s somebody else. After that, there’s somebody else—just in the next 10 years.'”

This past weekend, Howard-Browne received information from a Washington insider who revealed what a Supreme Court clerk had told him: The Supreme Court erupted into chaos Friday as the justices considered whether to hear the lawsuit Texas brought challenging presidential election results in four key swing states. Read the entire story on Charisma News here.

Howard-Browne says this is just a sample of what we can expect if the Left and the secular media succeed in stealing this election. But, he adds, in 2018, Trump signed an executive order to help in a situation like this. “The executive order says that if they deem that the election was influenced by outside forces, or outside countries, or whatever, that Trump could bring in the military, and it would have to be reviewed 45 days after the election, which comes up Friday [Dec. 18],” he explains. “So you have to go back to the executive order of 2018 to see what he put in place, which means the military comes in and takes over. And at that juncture, this whole election is null and void. It doesn’t matter.”

And despite media pressure, Howard-Browne doesn’t think Trump should concede the election. “That’s not even in law; you don’t have to concede one thing,” he says. “That’s just a gentlemanly way—where you know that you’ve been legitimately beaten—that you then concede. Trump doesn’t have to, because this is a total scam. And that’s why they called it ‘the steal.'”

Howard-Browne also says he has a peace about the outcome and confidence that Trump will be sworn in for a second term as U.S. president on Jan. 20. “I have a total peace, confidence that the Constitution is going to work,” he says. “Forget about what the Supreme Court does. This is out of the Supreme Court’s hands.”

To hear much more from Rodney Howard-Browne about the election fraud that has shaken our nation and why we must continue to pray for and support President Donald Trump and the integrity of our election process, listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report podcast here. And be sure to like and share it on Apple Podcasts and on the Charisma Podcast Network. {eoa}

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