Rodney Howard-Browne: France Mourns Loss of Notre Dame but Is on Brink of Revival

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Steve Strang

Right now, France mourns the loss of its Notre Dame Cathedral, but evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne says the nation is on the brink of a spiritual awakening. In his last ministry trip to France, he saw the church striving to win souls—including those of Muslim refugees. And the fruit has been supernatural.

If you’ve been reading my Strang Reports lately, you know I’ve been talking about Howard-Browne and his Europe Ablaze Tour. Yesterday, Howard-Browne shared the incredible move of the Spirit in Budapest, Hungary, through Faith Church. That church, he says, singlehandedly kicked George Soros out of Hungary and has been experiencing nonstop revival for 20 years.

Today, I want to share my next interview with Howard-Browne on my “Strang Report” podcast. Click here to listen to it or scroll down. Howard-Browne tells me that despite the governmental upheaval in France right now, the nation sits on the edge of a revival.

“I just spoke to them and said, ‘Look, you have to pray,'” he says. “‘Then, everybody, ask God what you can do and then focus on the souls.’ And even with many of the refugees that are coming, a lot of them are not radical Islamists. A lot of them have been displaced. Yes, there’s a group of people with another agenda, but I said, ‘Look, if you go in there with the love of God—don’t mention Muhammed, don’t talk about Islam—just talk about Jesus.’ So that’s what many are doing, and they’ve seen great results. Many people have been saved. So I think France is sitting on the brink of what I would call an awakening, a spiritual awakening.”

Overall, Howard-Browne sees a greater hunger for revival in Eastern Europe, but sadly, he has found that many Christians in the U.K. struggle with apathy.

“In the U.K, I found pockets of people who were on fire, but I found an apathy among the Christians of the U.K.,” he says. “But Dublin was amazing. The hunger of the Irish—that blew me away. I was just shocked. I think we had over 600 at the altar call that night, and the fire of God fell in Ireland. It was awesome.”

Howard-Browne says he encountered apathy in England, but God still moved mightily while he was ministering in London. In fact, he says the Lord gave him a special word for Britain.

“We were in London, right in the center of London—a beautiful venue—and the power of God just hit,” he tells me. “I just sat and wept over London, and the Lord gave me a prophetic word and said, ‘England, your time is not finished. It’s not done’ and that God would send a wave that would sweep across England and that the Brits would rise up, that it would be a whole new generation of people who are not shackled with religion and tradition. They would think outside the box, and the masses were going to be reached.”

Howard-Browne also visited Wales during his revival tour. You may remember that Wales experienced a powerful move of God’s Spirit in the early 1900s. Howard-Browne says the nation still has vestiges of that revival, but something greater is also coming. This move may not look how people expect, though.

“The Lord is not stuck in a box regarding how He moves or how He moved in 1904,” he says. “I think there’s just another generation, and God is so into reaching a generation that’s hungry. As the Scripture says, ‘The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth.’ God’s looking for people to whom He can show Himself strong. So there’s no doubt in my mind that—as I said that night in Wales when I preached—that there’s a group of people who will cry out, and God will visit them. And there will be a wind that will blow across Wales, and the fire of God is going to shake Wales one more time.”

I’m happy to hear that God is not done with His people in Europe. Howard-Browne is convinced God will shake the United Kingdom again, but the window is limited. So let’s cry out for our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic, that they would experience a fresh move of God.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my final interview with Howard-Browne about his Europe Ablaze Tour. To hear today’s interview, click the podcast below!

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