Remembering Pat Robertson, the Man Who Walked With the Living God

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Stephen Strang

Yesterday the entire world shook at the news that Pat Robertson, the founder of CBN, had passed away at the age of 93. Pat founded the Christian Broadcasting Network, Operation Blessing, Regent University, ran for president and was a voice for the voiceless for people around the globe.

I was asked by the Washington Times for a statement, and truly there is so much that I could have said about a man who was obedient to the Lord for the entirety of his life. To this effect I said, “Pat Robertson will be remembered as a giant among other Christian leaders; his legacy and media is supportive of conservative values in the political realm, and his founding of Regent University means that his influence will continue for generations. He was an early charismatic Christian and helped that movement get off the ground…He was an example of integrity. Even though his critics love to trash him, he lived a life of virtue and righteousness.”

I am honored to have personally known Pat. I interviewed him many times, and he was even on the cover of Charisma throughout the years, including on our 40th anniversary edition. I also have been interviewed by him on The 700 Club. I was actually in Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago where I was interviewed by his son, Gordon.

Pat gave our best-selling author, Jonathan Cahn, a platform when he was still an unknown voice coming out with his first book.

A few years ago, Pat even did a book with Charisma called I Have Walked With the Living God. It was a heartfelt book packed with stories that brought Pat’s journey with Christ to life in a way most people had never heard.

Pat didn’t just extend his kindness to myself and Charisma of course, but it was his mission to share the gospel throughout the world, and I believe he truly accomplished every bit of God’s plan for him on this earth.

What I find inspiring about Pat Robertson was how he listened to the Lord’s calling on his life even when it didn’t make sense and the finances were tight.

When CBN started it was very small. It was a station—kind of a low power station—in the Tidewater region of Virginia. And I remember they had call letters WYAH for Yahweh, which is the Hebrew term for God. You know, those were the early days of broadcasting and this was the first Christian station. It has been amazing to watch God use one man to really change what was on the airwaves and to exalt his ministry from those humble beginnings and take it to an unimaginable level that no one would ever have dreamed possible.

Even though I am a generation younger than Pat Robertson, I was able to learn much from him, and I would consider him to be a mentor whose life is worth emulating. He was a truly anointed man whose influence will continue to inspire future generations through the work that is continuing at CBN, Regent University and in all of the organizations he established including the American Center for Law and Justice, headed by Jay Sekulow.

I encourage you to pray for the Robertson family during this time for the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit to be upon them, and to watch and learn more about his incredible life that was well-lived.

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