Prophetic Dream Reveals What God Is Saying About Trump and the Coronavirus

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Steve Strang

Prophet and respected author Jeremiah Johnson says he received a prophetic dream about President Donald Trump and the coronavirus (COVID-19). Johnson shares about the dream, which he received on March 16, on my podcast today.

He says that in the dream, he was taken to a baseball stadium, where he saw a slender man who was demonized at the pitcher’s mound. In the batter’s box was none other than Donald Trump, wearing a pinstriped New York Yankees jersey with the number 3 on it. Johnson immediately recognized that as Babe Ruth’s number.

When he looked at the scoreboard, Johnson saw the count was 3 to 2—and Trump was two strikes in.

“I knew in the dream that the demon-possessed pitcher intended to throw a fastball right past Donald for a strikeout,” Johnson says. “As I held my breath and watched the pitch come out, I was suddenly stunned to watch the ball be slowed down by a supernatural force in the air. And by the time the ball got to Trump, it was going very slowly, and he hit the ball out of the park for a big home run.

“In the dream, I heard the voice of God say, ‘The enemy has intended to strike out Donald Trump at a very critical hour in history. But behold, supernatural help is on the way, for I will slow down the advancement of the enemy and allow him to knock this out of the park. For it is simply a matter of time before the victory.'”

Johnson woke up with an incredible sense of peace.

I find Johnson’s dream very profound, especially considering we are in a time in history like no other. Never before has everything shut down the way it has in so many countries, including many states in the U.S.

And Johnson isn’t alone in his encouraging prophecies about the coronavirus. Thankfully, others like Shawn Bolz, Kenneth Copeland and Chuck Pierce are prophesying a swift end to this virus. They’re also saying this virus outbreak isn’t going to be as bad as everyone is predicting.

Time will tell, certainly. Already, the coronavirus has impacted killed 622 people in the U.S., and many have lost their jobs as a result of the shutdowns. But I believe God will show this country mercy—just as He showed us mercy by giving us Trump as a president when we least deserved it. I and many other Christians around the nation believe God raised up Trump for such a time as this.

Johnson sees a window of time that God has given the American people over the next 60 days. During that window, he believes we will see a divine reset.

“There’s a real recipe for awakening, especially in America,” he says. “Some of the greatest gods—sports, entertainment—are being shut down. Schools are being closed, which is forcing needed relational proximity for marriages and families. Large churches and conferences are being canceled, which allows for house-to-house gatherings like the book of Acts. So I believe around the time of Passover, we’re going to see [the virus] really slow down, but I believe in the midst of this, there’s a divine reset. There’s a recipe for awakening.”

I hope you’re praying and standing in faith for what Johnson sees in the Spirit. Listen to my full interview with Johnson to learn what he hears God saying about the coronavirus and how He is moving in the midst of this pandemic.

And if you want to learn more about how God is using Trump in the U.S., read my latest book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election. You can purchase a signed copy of the book at godtrump2020.com.

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