Prophet Bobby Conner Says the Church Must Decree Election Victory in Heaven, ‘Stand Up and Take Charge’ on Earth

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Steve Strang

Did it take a contested presidential election to bring the American church to life? Prophetic minister Bobby Conner of Eagles View Ministries believes so—and in fact, he says that’s exactly what we need. He believes God has given him a mission to remind the church to stand up and war in the Spirit in what he says is a battle “not just against flesh and blood; it’s principalities and powers.” Connor says we must hold on to what God has given us in our nation, decreeing and declaring the victory given in heaven and then standing up to see that victory accomplished on earth.

“One of the things I want to urge and plead with the people to do is not waste this time,” Conner says. “We must work while it is day because the night comes when no one can work again. And we’ve got to redeem the time, make full use of every opportunity God’s giving us.

“And that’s one of the things that I believe that the prophets need to do,” he says. “First Corinthians Chapter 14, verse eight, says the bugle, the war trumpet, must make a distinct, sure sound so the people will know how to prepare themselves for battle. And we are in a battle; we’re in a battle for the life of this nation. We’re in a battle for America as we know it.”

And Conner has some words from God about how to win this battle. “You and I need to be very busy attempting to rescue truth so truth can rescue us,” he says. “And the book of Isaiah says truth has fallen in the street, and there’s no justice. And I think that America has been so lackadaisical concerning true commitment to purity and holiness that this contamination has brought us into a real time of correction with God.”

What this means, Conner says, is that America has come under the judgment of God. But he also says, “I want to encourage the body of Christ today, not to give up, not to grow weary in well doing. In the book of Daniel, it talks about the devil attempting to wear out the saints of God. And that’s one of the things he’s doing with all of this. All the chaos is going on and all of the calamities and the COVID.” He reminds believers, “The Bible says we shouldn’t grow weary in well-doing; we’ll reap if we faint not,” adding, “God never intended for the saints of God to be spectators but participators. … He’s looking for His people to stand up and take charge. And that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Again, Conner says, this election battle cannot be fought in the natural. “One of the problems of the church in America is we’ve let the devil steal our identity, and we don’t know for sure who we really are,” he explains. “We’re sons and daughters of the Most High God. God has empowered us to take a stand, and nothing can stand against us, according to the Bible. … We’re not insignificant. We’re a priest and a king. Now the Bible says a priest can settle conflicts and can stop confusion. And it says the proclamation of a king has authority. So you and I need to realize we’re in this world to take over this world. Isn’t that amazing?”

Conner has a deep concern that the church must not let the election fraud stand. “I believe Donald Trump won by a landslide, and the thing that gets me is how gullible the saints of God really are to allow this fraud to go on,” he says. “We ought to be screaming from the rooftops that we’re not putting up with it. We’ve been too silent about that. It’s crazy, the things that happened with the fraud and the unsigned ballots and dead people voting. And all of this is documented, and they’ve got affidavits signed.

“And that’s what we need to do is pray that people will have guts enough to stand up and say, ‘We’re not settling for this,'” Conner says. “This is not a legal election. … But what we’ve got to do as saints of God, we’ve got to win the thing in the Spirit. … The church needs tenacity; we need to hold on to what God’s given us. And we’ve got to hold on to our nation. And there’s never been a president who has loved the church and done as much for the church, in my opinion, as President Trump … And that’s what I want people to know: to look at the facts, and then look at the future. And to make a long story short, I believe we’ll have to wind it down in the high courts of heaven first, and then in the Supreme Court here.”

Conner urges Christians be bold and take the stand they must take to see victory through. “And again, just to declare it, even if they don’t feel like they’re bold enough to say it,” he says. “The Bible says you can decree a thing, and what you decree will be established for you. … We’ve got to start declaring what we want.

“And we want President Trump to take his rightful place for four more years,” Conner says. “And Mike Pence is a great, godly man. And I’m so thankful for the team that God’s put in the White House. And we want to see that he stays in the White House. But I want the saints of God to realize 1 John 5:14 says, ‘This is the confidence that we have in God. If we’ll ask Him anything according to His will, we know that He hears us. If we know that He hears us, we’re totally confident we’re going to get what we’re asking. So we need to be bold in our prayers and ask God for a demonstration of His power, and ask God to take over this thing.”

For more from Prophet Bobby Conner on how you can join the fight for the soul of our nation and be a part of standing up for truth and justice, listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report podcast here. Be sure to take time to like and share the Strang Report podcast on iTunes and of course on cpnshows.com. So much more than just our way of life is at stake, and the church must take an active part in seeing the integrity of our election process restored.

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