Pray Until Something Happens

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Steve Strang

America’s current problems should drive us to our knees in prayer.

According to pundits, the Christian community is merely another special-interest group like many others. Popular movies ridicule Christianity, some bordering on blaspheming. Political cartoons like one that appeared in the online version of the Washington Post make fun of New Testament phenomena such as speaking in tongues. And other than a few who object, Christians remain silent.

Meanwhile, the nation shifts more and more toward godlessness. We who believe in God grasp at straws, hoping politicians and national policies can stem the tide. But Christians can’t even agree on whom to vote for. They tend to side more with their own economic, social or ethnic groups than they do with other believers. To see what I mean, go to mccain.charismamag.com to read the comments on my column endorsing John McCain for president.

At the same time, crucial battles are raging in California, Arizona and Florida about adding amendments to the states’ constitutions that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. If these battles are lost at the polls this month, it will be a victory for those demanding radical rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. Certainly some Christians are concerned. But there doesn’t seem to be a great outcry.

In addition, one of the areas where things traditionally seem to go OK—the economy and financial markets—is getting a huge jolt as major banks collapse. What is happening?

When we prayed for revival and Todd Bentley showed up, many hoped revival had come. But other than firing up a few Pentecostals or charismatics who flew in to get a little Holy Ghost excitement, that revival did nothing long term. It couldn’t even deliver Bentley himself from the demons of his past.

So what are we to do? It’s easy to feel helpless and weak.

But wait. Aren’t we in the state Paul talked about in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10? He says he took pleasure in infirmities, reproaches, needs, persecutions and distresses, declaring, “for when I am weak, then I am strong” (NKJV).

If nothing else, the current economic problems, moral situation and political realities should drive us to our knees in prayer. The Bible tells us that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers in high places. When we seem weak, we can be strong in the Spirit. Sure, it won’t be a part of the national media dialogue. But it can have an effect in the heavenlies.

Below is a prophetic word issued in late September by Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals International, calling believers to “pray until something happens.” I confirm this word and share it here as a call to the body of Christ.

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“And the Lord says: ‘I am answering your prayers and have begun the cleansing of Wall Street, exposing the wickedness and greed in high places. Pray now, and I will begin to give the leaders of the nation wisdom on how to revamp and reverse the debtor system currently in place. This is a course correction. If you do not pray at this time, you will miss your day of visitation and the economy will collapse, causing a ripple effect that will sweep the nations with a major tsunami wave.

‘This wave will begin to touch the ground, as even the harvests of the world will be affected. Food shortages, hyperinflation, and other sorrows, especially affecting the poor, will take place.

‘However,’ the Lord says, ‘if my people respond and fall on their face and cry out at this time with a mighty cry, I will hear them and heal their lands.

‘Hear, O nations of the earth! Respond with weeping and travail and pray for the stock markets and economic systems. Pray for your leaders as well, for the earth is in the throes of a deep shaking at this moment, for the systems of the earth must be reformed.

‘Do not despair and think that I cannot heal—that I will not hear your crying to Me from My throne in heaven. My ear is carefully listening for your sound so I will reverse the curse and bring a blessing upon your lands.’ “

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