Powerful Insights From Psalm 91 to Understand COVID-19, Supernatural Healing

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Steve Strang

As Spirit-filled Christians, we believe that God still heals miraculously today. And although not everyone believes that, preacher Ken Fish says three people approached him recently to say they were healed of their COVID-19 symptoms during his virtual teaching on Psalm 91.

I invited Fish onto my podcast to talk about these incredible responses to his teaching. (You may remember I interviewed him not too long ago about the end-times abomination that causes desolation.)

“Each of them had a slightly different set of personal circumstances, but they all of them had this in common: They were reporting that their symptoms of COVID-19 left as they listened to the podcast,” Fish says. “And when I say that, I mean their fevers left, their cough left if they had that, their throat condition [was improved.] By the next morning, they were feeling completely and totally well. They’ve all been in touch with their doctors.”

Fish says those apparent healings were rooted in the insights he revealed during his teaching of Psalm 91.

Psalm 91 is a popular passage, especially right now as people battle fear of COVID-19. But Fish says what many people don’t know about Psalm 91 is that its prophetic promises are conditional, not automatic. That is to say, people have to step into those promises and claim them before they can expect to receive its blessings. Fish calls this “proper alignment.”

“Psalm 91 begins with this very important verse: ‘He’—or it could be she—’who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty,'” Fish says. “Now this word ‘shelter’ is often translated ‘tent.’ And what it really means is the tabernacle of the Lord. … So when we’re in God’s tent, we’re under His shadow, and the shadow of God itself creates protection for us.”

Many people may hear that and think it means all they have to do is believe in God. Or they may think it means worshipping vigorously or singing with great gusto or praying fervently. But that’s not it, Fish says.

“There’s another facet [of abiding] that’s often overlooked,” he says. “And I think it’s really in the heart of what’s going on in this COVID-19 season. I think God is assaying the church.”

When you assay a metal, you check to see how pure it is, how solid it is. Experts may test gold to see if it’s 24 karat, 18 karat or 10. In a similar sense, God is testing His church today and refining it.

The second insight Fish taught about Psalm 91 was more powerful than he expected. He showed his viewers how the word for “plague” in Psalm 91:10 is nega, which refers to the onset of a sickness or disease. And the word “destruction” in verse 6 is qeteb, which means epidemic or disaster.

But when Fish was looking this word up in a Hebrew lexicon, he discovered qeteb is also the name of an evil spirit.

“So the Scripture itself gives us the name of the spirit that organizes plague and pestilence, and the name of that spirit is Qeteb,” he says. “And when I was doing the Facebook Live and I was talking about Qeteb … was when those people immediately felt, as it says of the woman with the issue of blood, virtue went through their bodies. They claim they felt virtue go through their bodies.”

But it’s not just the Old Testament that refers to destruction as demonic spirits. Fish says the New Testament also uses language like “whips” and “thorns” to refer to demonic affliction and demonic illness.

“It’s not merely that Qeteb means destruction; it’s also that it is the name of the spirit that afflicts the people of God with plague and pestilence,” he says. “And by exposing it, there is apparently some level of breakthrough that comes with that.”

I was amazed when I heard Fish share these profound insights on my podcast. It’s so encouraging to know that we as God’s people can walk in supernatural protection as we abide in the shadow of the Almighty—and that we can rebuke the demons attacking us with illness. Be sure to listen to my full interview with him to learn how to walk in God’s protection by faith!

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