MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Says, ‘This Is the Most Important Election in American History’

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Steve Strang

Mike Lindell

The life of Mike Lindell, the outspoken, no-holds-barred founder and CEO of MyPillow, proclaims “the great American success story,” he says. He went from cocaine addict to head of a multimillion-dollar corporation with thousands of employees.

More than that, Lindell, known for wearing a large cross necklace, is a devout Christian—and an avid Trump supporter. He flew out to meet Trump in August 2016 and came to the conclusion he maintains today: God has picked this unlikely businessman to be “the greatest president ever,” he says. But Trump, with his record of supporting conservative Christian values and keeping his promises, is battling fake news and fake polls—which is why Lindell urges Americans of either party to support him in what he says is “the most important election in history.”

“This isn’t about this party and that party,” he says. “This is about the direction for decades—for our lifetime—to come. Everything. … If you’re a Christian out there, listen, have you seen this godless path we were going down? You’d better look, because we have a president who’s done more for faith than any president. He prays more and has people praying with him more than any president ever. And I’ll tell you what, you’re making the most important choice—and not just for you to go out and vote. Get everyone you know; get them to the polls and to vote.”

Lindell continues his discussion about why party lines shouldn’t matter in this election. “Donald Trump has turned the Republican Party into the common-sense party,” he says, and despite what some polls say, even those who have considered themselves lifelong Democrats are switching sides.

When Lindell recorded a recent campaign commercial for Trump, he gathered a group of pro-Trump Democrats at a roundtable and asked them why they switched. He says they all told him things like, “That party that I voted for for 30 years—that ship has sailed; it’s no longer the Democratic Party. If I vote for them, I’m voting for this crazy, radical-nut leadership.”

“And then a lot of them said, ‘Well, I don’t particularly like the president. But boy, he kept his promises,'” Lindell adds.

Lindell, who says he has spoken with people who work for the president and give glowing reports of his kindness and personal concern for them, has a deep concern about the many media attacks against Trump, which he says have blinded people to the truth. The belief that “Biden is going to be there to bring us back to some Democratic Party that’s long gone” is a lie and, in fact, a Trojan horse, Lindell says. If Biden wins, the Democrats will move him out of office quickly “because he can’t do the job,” he says, replacing him with Harris and her progressive, socialist policies.

“The only way that this great president loses and our country goes down a path of evil is would be because of cheating, voter harvesting and because the fake news has brainwashed you out there,” Lindell says. “Look at it in your daily lives, where you want to be and what you think is good. And then look it up, look up promiseskept.com. And you look that up, and you can find anything you want in your daily lives and what our president has done to help.”

And Lindell has more words of encouragement about the upcoming election. He says Trump “is going to bring this economy back stronger than it ever was in history. You can’t keep goodness down; you can’t keep it down. I really believe this is biblical. This is spiritual warfare in this country that all this stuff is going on, because you can’t explain it—how people can be so naive. All our president wants is for each and every one to have a joyful life and put America first, put the United States of America first. … and to be great, joyful and help everybody.”

To hear more from MyPillow’s Mike Lindell about the dangers and fake news of the radical Left and why we must gather others to help support Trump in the “most important election in history,” listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report podcast here. I urge you to share it with others who need to know the real truth behind the fake news and fake polls. {eoa}

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