Massive Russian Bombings Will Start This Week, Ukrainian Sources Tell Mike Evans

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Steve Strang

Sources inside the Ukrainian government have told Mike Evans, the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, to expect a massive bombing from the Russian military within the next seven days. The predicted bombing is expected to target roads and cut off the ability to bring food in and get residents out.

As a result of the tip from two Ukrainian diplomats, Evans has flown to the Ukrainian border with 40 tons of food costing $200,000, and he’s made a plan to both transport food to those who need it and help elderly Holocaust survivors in Ukraine escape the bombing.

Shortly before leaving, Evans appeared on my podcast (now also on YouTube) and emphasized the urgency of the situation by relating a story his son had told him about one Christian girl who came from a Ukrainian town that the Chechens (Russian allies) invaded. “They took everyone’s passports, everyone’s cell phone, raped the teenagers, began murdering the mothers and fathers [and] throwing them in mass graves.” Evans continues with sadness, “She ran seven hours through the woods to escape the Chechens.”

Over the years, because God has given him some timely prophetic words for key world leaders, Evans has made many friends and close contacts in governments around the world. He even advised President Trump. Evans has used his prominence to start the Jerusalem Prayer Team, an organization that, among many other things, has been in Ukraine for a decade feeding Holocaust survivors and orphans.

Evans asks for prayer for the Holocaust survivors. “They’re the ones that are on my heart. These elderly people, they’ve been left behind, and a lot of them are hiding in their bathtub. They’re hiding in the cellars. They don’t have medicine.” He continues, “So, they’re the ones we’re going after.”

Evans intentionally reminds me that we have Ukrainian brothers and sisters who are suffering. “We have to pray for them,” he says. “We have to do what we can and not forget them.”

When I ask Evans how he is raising money for this effort, he says, “Well, we’re just trusting God. The food’s costing us $200,000. I think we’ve raised about $65,000 to $70,000 thus far. We’re just doing it, believing God to provide.”

Help bring 40 tons of food into Ukraine and many Holocaust survivors out of Ukraine.

Donate directly to the Jerusalem Prayer Team here, or give through Charisma’s nonprofit partner ChristianLifeMissions.org and we will send 100% of what we receive to help those in the Ukraine.

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