Johnny Enlow’s Prophetic Word for Believers in This New Era: Hold the Line, Contend for the Truth

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Steve Strang

Pastor and prophetic minister Johnny Enlow, author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy and other books about the seven mountains of culture, has words of warning and caution for the church in this season of pandemic and election fraud. His new book, The End of the World as We Know It unpacks his belief that a Great Awakening is on its way, but first, we need a rude awakening, which he says we’re going through right now. The Deep State is ruling and reigning in every part of society, Enlow says, and because believers have prioritized church life over life on the seven mountains of culture, we are in grave danger.

Nowhere has this become more evident than in the recent revelation of massive election fraud, Enlow says. His challenge to believers, then, is that we must “hold the line, contend for the truth at every level—at the personal level, regional, county, city, state, nationally, for every son and daughter of the King.”

Enlow says one of the seven mountains of culture, media, is the one believers have neglected for far too long. “I’ve been saying for a few years that media is the most abandoned mission field on the planet,” he says. “And it’s going to cost us heavily if we do not get a voice of truth there. And we’re seeing that right now, where people don’t even really know what the truth is. And so the big lesson for us moving forward through what’s taking place right now, the Lord is really giving us a break.

President Trump has won; he won the first time; he’s already won this time,” Enlow says. “We’re just watching the permanent coup [that] has been attempted against them. They’re trying again, they will not succeed, the great reveal both of their treachery and then the further awakening of God’s people is just on its way. He will be the next president; he will be president for the next four years.

“And this is God giving us a break. He showed me in a vision Himself moving the top of the seven mountains, just His hand wiping off the seven mountains,” Enlow says.” And I said, ‘What does that mean?’ He said, ‘I’m removing the Mafia from the top of the mountains.’ And he said, ‘I could have done this years ago, but you all were just going to sing, “I’ll fly away, oh glory” and be prepared to leave the planet before doing the assignment that I’ve given you. And so there was no point in Me doing that, just [something] seven times worse would have been there, He says. ‘But I’m going to expose what’s been there so you never let it happen again, because you’ll see the consequences of allowing multigenerational darkness to build and build and build the root systems.’ … But He is literally exposing and taking out, and Trump is his instrument.

“He always uses an instrument … He’s always used man; He always uses an instrument whether it’s David to take out Goliath, Gideon to take out the Midianites, Moses to take the children of Israel into the promised land,” Enlow says. “He always uses an instrument; to not recognize the instrument is just foolhardy. And so this is where we’re at right now. And we’re to awaken as never before and never allow what I’ll call the mountains of society, the spheres of society, ever to be abandoned again. We must live there … not just have prayer specials for them, not just have prayer assignments for the mountains, but we have to have people in government, media, education, family—all these mountains of society, we have to have people who are actually operating, ‘boots on the ground’ if you want to say. If you want to say Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, receiving and carrying His presence, His solutions, better way of doing things in every area of society.”

To learn more about how to “contend in the spirit and in the natural in every way possible,” as Enlow says, listen to this entire episode of The Strang Report here and be sure to share it with friends who have a concern for upholding strong biblical values in our nation. Make sure you like and share The Strang Report on Apple podcasts and at cpnshows.com as well. {eoa}

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