How This Christian State Rep Is Fighting Back Against Governor’s Restrictive Orders

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Steve Strang

Pennsylvania State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz is no stranger to speaking up. That’s what she did back in 2019, when her prayer to open the state legislature went viral because she had the audacity to pray for our nation’s repentance according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. Not only that, she told me, but she used the name of Jesus 13 times.

Despite the negative publicity, Stephanie, a pastor’s wife, stood firm because, she says, “There’s power in the name of Jesus.” I invited Stephanie on a recent episode of my Strang Report podcast to give us a little more background on her prayer and to discuss the challenging situation Pennsylvania finds itself in with Gov. Tom Wolf who, like many liberal Democrats, seems committed to strip any semblance of freedom from the people of his state.

I asked Stephanie about the prayer that went viral, and she told me more about what happened. “The minute I walked off the statehouse floor, the press was there asking me if I was ready to apologize. I said, ‘No, I never apologize for praying.'”

She soon had people from as far away as Sweden and Israel contacting her to say they had heard her prayer. “It really wasn’t me,” she said. “It was the Holy Spirit speaking through me, calling this nation back to Him to repent, to pray.”

These days, her state and our nation need those prayers more than ever. Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf has a reputation as the most liberal governor in America, so I asked her about what’s happening right now. “We’re dealing with him on a daily basis,” she told me. “It’s an overreach of government. And he’s acting unilaterally as one branch but fully trying to control the people of Pennsylvania. So we’re fighting back; we have the Republican legislature in the State House and the State Senate. So we are fighting back.”

Just two weeks ago, Federal Judge William S. Stickman ruled it unconstitutional for Gov. Wolf and his administration to close and provide other directives to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephanie said, “[Wolf] put a limit [that said] only 25 people can only be indoors and only 250 people can be outdoors.” But Stickman ruled those directives unconstitutional.

Right now, Stephanie said, “Gov. Wolf is obviously trying to appeal that in the 3rd Circuit Court. So we are waiting on that and trying to do a few other things … But [Stickman’s ruling] is in place. That’s what I’m trying to let Pennsylvanians know: to live as free people.”

Stephanie sees all this as a clear attack on President Trump. “It is miraculous, Steve, the things that we have seen through this president and what’s he’s doing to put America first again and truly transform us back to our fundamentals in this nation—religious liberty. … It’s been amazing to watch.” She said a Vietnam veteran told her, with tears in his eyes, “We are not in trouble. If we lose, we are done as a nation.”

I urge you to consider Stephanie’s words and to listen to the entire podcast here for more of her thoughts on how we can preserve religious freedom in our nation. Please feel free to like and share the podcast and the article with those who may not yet understand the critical nature of the decision coming up in just a few short weeks.{eoa}

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