Eric Metaxas Says a Biden Win Would Spell the End of America as We Know It

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Steve Strang

Eric Metaxas

Conservative commentator Eric Metaxas not only hosts a popular radio show, but he’s the author of many books, including the most recent in his children’s series about Donald Trump. Called Donald and the Fake News, it features cartoon characters depicting many of the political figures we read about in the news every day.

Metaxas writes these books, he says, “because our side, Christians and conservatives, don’t use enough humor. The Left uses humor to mock and to make their point, and I think that it’s important to use humor.” He adds, “We need to laugh, we need to celebrate what we know is true. Make fun of the other side—so we don’t go crazy.”

Despite his humor, Metaxas is supremely serious in voicing what he calls his “very, very vocal support” for Donald Trump. He’s speaking out in every way he can to spread the word that Christians and conservatives must turn out to support Trump’s reelection, not because they like him, but because the future of America as we know it is at stake.

It troubles him, he says, that many Christians don’t seem to think it’s important to vote their biblical values. “That breaks my heart, because it’s wrong, No. 1. And No. 2, because it hurts people. If you don’t vote your biblical values, I don’t care. You know who you’re voting for: You’re not voting for a person; you’re voting for an administration. You’re voting for the future; you’re voting for policies.

“What is at stake in this election, unfortunately, is so huge that if Christians sit on their hands and do not go to the voting booth, we deserve what we’re going to get,” Metaxas says. “And I think a lot of people haven’t suffered enough. They haven’t seen real persecution. If you see real persecution, you don’t will that on your family and your kids and your neighbors. And there’s been persecution of Christians around the world.”

Metaxas says Trump “represents an administration and a set of policies that if we don’t get them, the alternative is horrifying—and will spell the end of America as we know it. And that’s unfortunately not an exaggeration.”

As I point out in my book God, Trump and the 2020 Election, many people try to argue against Trump’s character. But Metaxas says this is a straw man. “Now, the character of the person is hugely important. But character’s a complicated thing. How I vote, what I advocate for, for whom I advocate are all part of my character. So you know, if you have somebody who’s doing a lot of sleeping around, but he’s against slavery, and the other guy is pro-slavery, you have to weigh that.”

And Metaxas believes, as I do, that Trump has changed. “First of all, I don’t think he’s the man that he was 15 years ago,” he says. “I spoke to someone who knew knows him personally who told the story of how when Baron was born, both Melania and the president, who had been pro-choice, dramatically changed their views. … And we’ve never seen a president as pro-life as this president; what can account for that? Well, people change their minds. I think there’s a lot about this president that has been magnificent. And I think part of the reason that I have been a defender of his more vocally recently is because I’ve never seen a media and a press attack anyone so unfairly. It really is horrifying to me to watch it.”

Metaxas says he’s concerned about people who don’t have time to see behind the headlines. “They’re just taking in the news, and they are going to believe half of this stuff, if not most of it,” he said. “It’s really unconscionable that the press has abdicated its role in America and that the media is all-in to take him down. And I think that reason alone would give you a hint, that you’re not getting the whole story—when they’re being that biased.”

Metaxas also debunked the theory that “Uncle” Joe Biden is a nice guy. “He may be a nice guy, but then you have to define what does that even mean? If you are advocating for policies that are going to rip children out of their mother’s wombs, I don’t see how you get to be in the ‘nice guy’ category. He’s been a staunch supporter of abortion on demand. And then worse than that, he claims to be a practicing Christian. He claims to be a practicing Catholic Christian. Catholics have been the strongest in standing against abortion. … The fact that he is bamboozling people into thinking that he’s some kind of a serious Catholic, it’s utter nonsense. His policies are dramatically anti-Catholic. And I think that there are so many other things about his policies that will harm people.

“So we have to think, do I care about people?” Metaxas asked. “Do I only care about myself? Or do I care about other people in America? If you care about the urban poor in America, you care about Blacks, knowing what we know, you can never vote for a Democrat. because the Democrats have given lip service to helping minorities for five decades. And the evidence is now in such that many Black Americans are saying, ‘Yeah, I do not see evidence.’ I’ve heard a lot of stuff over the years. It seems to me that their policies have devastated inner cities, crime has gone up, opportunities have gone down, the families have been devastated by these policies. The communities have been devastated by these policies.”

Metaxas addressed many other points in our far-reaching discussion on this recent episode of my God, Trump and the 2020 Election podcast, and you’ll want to share it with others who may not understand the urgency of the decision we face in just under three short weeks. As Metaxas says, the future of America is at stake. {eoa}

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