Democratic Debates Expose Radical Agenda of 2020’s Leftist Presidential Candidates

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Steve Strang

If you watched the Democratic Party debates last week, you know that each candidate espouses radical ideas that would inevitably lead to socialism. In fact, conservative commentator Mark Levin says what these Democratic candidates are promoting is communism. As conservative Christians, we have to understand what’s at stake in this upcoming election—and what rights the far left is trying to take away—if we want to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage.

One of the most frightening things about these debates is that they exposed how much Democrats are moving toward the left. It all started when Bernie Sanders ran as a socialist for the 2016 election, and he became very popular. But now, even Democrats we thought were more moderate like Joe Biden are beginning to shift as far left as they can. (I talk more about this phenomenon in my “Strang Report” podcast, which you can listen to by clicking here or clicking on the podcast icon in this article.)

The reason this shift to the left is so alarming is that it mimics the beginnings of almost every communist country’s move toward the government it has today. It starts with a prevailing liberal agenda, which we certainly have in the U.S., that deceives the people.

Just look at the Green New Deal, which Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wrote. It takes a good concept—taking care of our earth—and transforms it into a tool to further the left’s agenda. After all, none of us wants polluted air or dirty water, but the Green New Deal would make fundamental changes to our society, such as outlawing fossil fuels. Radical ideas like this empower the government to garner more power and, as a result, have more control over citizens’ daily lives.

Some might argue that certain socialist goals aren’t discussed in Scripture, such as universal health care. But the problem is that as socialism gains more ground in this nation, the left will increasingly suppress religious freedoms. Just look at communist countries today—China, North Korea, Venezuela and more—and you’ll find intense persecution against Christians.

It’s a mystery to me why liberals are so bent on becoming socialist, when countries like Venezuela went down that same path and are now suffering the consequences. Venezuela used to be the most prosperous country in South America, but now inflation has skyrocketed to around 275,000% and most of its citizens are struggling to get the daily necessities they need to survive. I recently interviewed Michael Sabga, a businessman from Venezuela, who told me how Venezuela ended up in its current predicament. Click here to read what he said.

Thankfully, the U.S. is not doomed to go down the communist path. If bold conservative Christians rise up and speak out for their rights, we could see this nation turn around. In fact, many Christians believe God put Donald Trump in office for that very purpose—to slow down the radical left’s agenda. And he has certainly done so!

So it’s no wonder the left hates Trump. He’s disrupting their plans and refusing to pretend to be something that he isn’t. Unlike other Democratic candidates, he doesn’t change the way he talks or dresses when talking to different demographics in the U.S. He just speaks out of who he is—a savvy businessman with a strategy to effect real change.

And although Trump is certainly not perfect, it’s clear he’s accomplishing much for our nation already, including strengthening our economy, protecting our religious freedoms and enforcing what I call “muscular diplomacy.” (I write more about Trump’s accomplishments in my book Trump Aftershock, which you can purchase right here.)

Be sure to listen to my podcast, where I go in depth about what’s going on as we approach the 2020 election. Above all, pray and act. Stand firm for your rights. Speak the truth in love and boldness. As more Christians do this, I believe we could see a great victory in 2020.

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