Cornerstone TV Reveals Trump’s Hidden Revival Connections

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Steve Strang

I recently had the privilege of appearing on Cornerstone TV’s Real Life, where host Don Black interviewed me about my latest book, Trump Aftershock. As I told Don, media outlets are quick to flaunt President Donald Trump’s flaws, but what many people don’t often hear about are his connections to revival. In Trump Aftershock, I tell stories—backed by thorough research—about revival connections that could only have been inspired by God.

For instance, I was finishing writing Trump Aftershock in June of this year, the same month when Trump and Kim Jong Un had their negotiation summit in Singapore. While I was researching at that time, I learned about a mighty revival in Korea in 1909. The number of Christians in the largely Buddhist country grew to around several million.

Kim’s own great-great-grandfather was swept into the kingdom of God and became a Presbyterian minister. His son, Kim’s great-grandfather, was a Presbyterian elder. His son, Kim’s grandfather, was raised a Presbyterian but abandoned the faith and eventually introduced communism into Korea.

The interesting thing is that Christianity was centered in northern Korea back in that era. Pyongyang was even called the Jerusalem of Asia because the revival was so great. Now, sadly, North Korea is one of the most repressive regimes against Christianity. Where there used to be thousands of churches, now only two remain, both of which mostly serve as government propaganda.

The year the Korean War ended another revival broke out—this time, on the other side of the world. This revival sprung up in 1948 in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland and went on for about three years. If you research this revival, you’ll find two old women started it. The two women, Peggy and Christine Smith, were too sick to go to church, so they simply cried out to God to pour out revival on the Hebrides.

God answered Peggy and Christine’s prayers in a big way. He sent a massive revival that affected almost everyone in that part of the world—so much so that the Hebrides were called the Jerusalem of Europe. Some say those two old women were Trump’s great-aunts. Others, however, say that claim is false.

Whether or not Trump’s family had a direct impact on Scotland’s massive revival, his mother was a God-fearing Presbyterian who raised him in that tradition. She gave him a Bible he values to this day and even used in addition to Lincoln’s Bible during his inauguration.

These are the impactful stories I share in Trump Aftershock, which releases today! In my book, I uncover how God has used Trump for His glory since the election. My point is that if Trump’s election was an earthquake, everything that has happened since then are the aftershocks no one saw coming. I offer a Christian journalistic take on both Trump’s accomplishments and his mistakes.

If you haven’t already ordered the book, you can do so at trumpaftershock.com. The book is also available at Walmart, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes&Noble and The Christianbook Group.

To listen to my entire interview with Don and learn more about the spiritual aspects of Trump’s presidency, click the podcast below.