Charismatic Las Vegas Pastor Shares Inside Story on Trump, Prophetic Word of ‘Second Win’

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Steve Strang

Pastor Paul Goulet

When God first called Pastor Paul Goulet to leave his ministry with John Maxwell’s team in France and serve full time in his Las Vegas pastorate, he couldn’t believe it.

“Basically, I did 10 years in India and Asia; then I did 11-12 years in France [in addition to his work in the U.S.]. I was looking for my next assignment.” But God made it abundantly clear: He was to return to the U.S. and the International Church of Las Vegas (ICLV), a multisite congregation. God also told him to give up his long-held Canadian citizenship and become a U.S. citizen. It wasn’t until later that God revealed a key part of the reason for this shift: He wanted Goulet to help support President Donald Trump.

In the intervening time, Goulet has gone from someone who “didn’t even like” Trump and supported Ben Carson, to meeting regularly with the president’s staff and hosting him in Sunday worship. On Oct. 18, while barnstorming through the West, Trump made his third visit to an ICLV service, where Goulet’s wife and co-pastor, Denise, prophesied that God would give him a second win (and second wind). Paul shared the inside story of what happened that day and his personal insights into the president himself on a recent episode of the God, Trump and the 2020 Election podcast.

“About three weeks ago … I woke up in the middle of the night,” Paul said. “And God spoke to my brain and said, ‘Paul, he’s coming back, and you’re supposed to pray for him. And it’s going to shift America. You and your team, pray for him. Get ready.”

The morning of Sunday, Oct. 18, Denise told her husband, “Honey, I got a word.”

“Baby, then you share it,” Paul said. “I trust you, whatever you have.” Although Denise remains a Canadian citizen and “doesn’t like to talk about politics,” Paul said, she preached during a previous Trump visit when her husband was out of town, and Paul said, “He loved it.”

“So something significant about this man, because he’s been anointed twice at our church, and then [this time], he got the prophecy,” Paul said. “So like I said, my wife’s not normally saying things like that. She gets up there. And she got the word about the wind. And then she turned it into the win, being a win for him and going into a second term.

“I was as shocked as you, as anybody else,” Paul said. “Because she’s the least likely person to say that kind of stuff. Now, I might say it … but not my wife. So at the time, I know, there was a hubbub and people protesting; it’s gone all around the world. But I said, ‘Guys, we’ll know in three weeks.’ The Bible says someone prophesies, and the others judge. I know my wife; she doesn’t make stuff up.

“Now, could she be wrong?’ Paul asked. “Of course she can. However, I appreciate the fact that she was bold enough to speak it out and bold enough to be herself. And that’s the way I feel Trump is.

“In Las Vegas, we live in a broken city,” he said. “And we’re very bold people, and we get involved. And we get in trouble because we speak about policies. And I was so proud of my wife. It started with the wind. And then it went to the win. And then she just went off.”

Paul also had a special word for listeners who might feel as he originally did about Trump: “Tell all your friends that people like us who have met him, he’s actually not like they [the media] portray him. He’s a fighter, though … tell you what, don’t pick a fight with him because he’ll fight right back. But I can tell you, he sat there for the entire time … did not leave and would not leave. That’s the type of man who’s our president right now,” Paul said.

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