BREAKING: Jeremiah Johnson Reveals the Revelation Behind His Ministry Shift and the Cost of His Obedience

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His name and his story appeared on all the major Christian news websites and even some of the secular ones. Multiple media representatives requested interviews.

But what catapulted Prophet Jeremiah Johnson to fame was not a victory but an admission of failure and a heartfelt apology. As one of the many prophets who foretold a Trump win in the 2020 election, he came forward on Jan. 6 to ask forgiveness and share the additional news that he was shutting down one ministry and starting another. That decision, he says, has come at a great cost. In the first media interview he’s granted since that decision and those events, he shares his thoughts, the surprising way Christians have responded to his decision and what he sees ahead for himself and his new ministry.

“I was providing commentary on various political and current events,” Johnson says of the former Jeremiah Johnson Ministries, where he had served for over a decade, with God giving him multiple dreams and visions out of which he ministered. However, he says, “after the election, and just so much news and what I viewed as a mistake that I made, I really felt God leading me to shut down the ministry.”

Johnson says God told him to give sole focus to his new ministry, The Altar Global, which has a focus on Christ’s return and the preparation of His bride. Despite what he says is the great cost, he considers shutting down his former ministry an expression of “the kindness of God, His intervention in leading me to this new reality that I’m now running with.”

Johnson says of his public apology, “I believed I had made a mistake; I had made an error. And so I felt I was to humble myself and confess that mistake and felt I would, you know, in some ways be received because of it. And what I found was really the exact opposite. I received legitimate death threats from supposed Christians. … We were targeted, really, on an unprecedented level. We had everything from life-threatening accusations to just incredible financial loss for our ministry.” He adds that he has had a number of events cancel as well as former pastor friends tell him they’re purposely distancing themselves from him.

Despite all this, Johnson doesn’t consider himself a victim. “I honestly feel the kindness of God, I feel God rescued me out of an arena that I felt maybe He was calling me to at that time,” he says. He adds that “I feel God has opened up my eyes to some things; I feel God has put a fresh focus in me. Again, I feel the Lord is saying to me to shift my gaze and my attention off of political current events, and really onto eternal realities. But it was painful.”

And Johnson holds no bitterness toward those who have rejected him. As one of the first prophets to recognize Trump as a Cyrus, “I was invested as anyone, especially on a national level, being used by the Lord to recognize His assignment in the earth.” But now, he says, God has begun to deal with him about the focus in his life and ministry—as well as that of the body of Christ.

This explains his new emphasis on The Altar Global, he says. “I totally believe that there there’s a large portion, especially in the charismatic movement, who have just gotten swept up in a desire for right. … They want righteousness in America, they’re there. They’re concerned about the Equality Act … I believe that those are legitimate concerns. But at the end of the day, whether it’s 2020 or 2024, the only hope for America is revival.

“The only way that this generation is going to thrive in the midst of global crisis, I believe, is to get focused on the return of the Lord, and the need to prepare for that day,” Johnson says, adding that “I do very much believe that God is still trying to rescue people out of an obsession with the latest, greatest prophetic word and what’s happening and really wants to mark a generation for eternity.”

Overall, Johnson says, he sees a lot of disappointment and discouragement in the charismatic movement, whether over the prophecies of Trump’s reelection or the outcome of the election itself. But what we must focus on, he says, is Revelation 19:10b, which says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

“I believe there’s a reset going on in the prophetic movement,” he says. “There’s a humbling; there’s a repentance that has to take place. … I believe I might have gotten too caught up in what was happening now, and I lost my laser-sharp focus on eternal reality.

“So I feel we’re entering a crossroads moment in the prophetic, where God is really restoring the testimony of His Son Jesus in the earth,” Johnson says. “And He’s calling his people to pure and simple-hearted devotion. He’s looking for voices that are going to point to Christ and anchor a generation.”

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