Author Shares Why His Election-Based Political Thriller Is All Too Real

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Steve Strang

Ken Timmerman

We’re familiar with novels based on true events. But what about novels that foreshadow those events? Businessman and author Ken Timmerman says he wrote The Election Heist as information and warning. And now, it seems we’re watching much of what he wrote as fiction unfold before our eyes as our nation grapples with the aftermath of a highly contested election and unfolding news of fraud.

Timmerman says about his book, “I wrote it as fiction to give an enjoyable way for people to learn about things that otherwise, they might not think they’re interested in, such as electronic voting machines. I have a company in the book that flips votes in an election that’s called Dominant Technologies.”

Of course, this fictional name is reminiscent of the real company known as Dominion Voting Systems, cited by President Trump and his team as responsible for widespread voter fraud. And, as Timmerman shares, there are some extraordinary parallels in his novel.

“This book was published in August before the elections or three months before the election,” he says. “It was actually finished by Christmastime of 2019. And yet there’s scene after scene after scene in The Election Heist that played itself out in the real world. For example, I have scenes in there right after the election where antifa goes marauding up Fifth Avenue, busting up Trump Tower and the stores and killing cops. Well, you know, we saw antifa—we saw that a little bit earlier. We saw them in April, May and June, busting up our cities.

“There’s a scene with an election supervisor, one of the heroes of my book … who kind of gets wise to the trick of how these companies and the Democrats basically flipped votes using the election software,” Timmerman adds. “And she is doxxed [a form of online harassment in which personal details are disclosed]. In my book, she is doxxed; her family is threatened; her daughter is threatened. Well, we just learned a couple of days ago that Monica Palmer, the Republican member of the canvassing board in Wayne County, Michigan, which is Detroit, the same thing happened to her. She was doxxed. She was sent text messages with obscene photos of teenage girls and was told that this is what’s going to happen to your daughter. She couldn’t believe that that kind of thing could happen in today’s America.”

For more of the fascinating and disturbing parallels between Timmerman’s book and what happened with the 2020 elections, listen to the entire episode of The Strang Report podcast at this link. And be sure to like and share it with friends who may not know about the rampant fraud that has allowed the Leftists to manipulate this election in ways our nation has never seen before. {eoa}

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