Can Jezebel’s Witchcraft Really Make You Sick?

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Shawn Akers

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When I was writing my first book on Jezebel, I got sick six times in the course of a year. Yes, six times! I was hardly over one cold or flu before I got another cold or flu. This was especially unusual since I hadn’t had as much as a sniffle in the five years before.

Essentially, I was battling a cycle of infirmity—which I overcame. I’m battling another cycle of infirmity right now and I know others who are facing similar attacks so I thought it wise to dust off the understanding of witchcraft’s connection to infirmity so are not ignorant to the devil’s devices (see 2 Cor. 2:11). You can read more about Jezebel’s tactics in my latest book: Jezebel’s Puppets.

In this season of ministry, many times when I do a call an altar call for healing the Holy Spirit shows me to break the powers of witchcraft of people’s minds before praying over the infirmity that’s attacking their bodies. After this happened a few times, I decided to press in to discern the spiritual connection.

Listen to Jennifer’s podcast on this topic: Battling Jezebel’s Infirmities.

The Holy Spirit showed me that many times witchcraft against your mind can cause you to focus so much on the symptoms attacking your body that you can’t extend your faith to receive God’s healing power. In other words, if you aren’t careful, when witchcraft attacks your mind you will wind up speaking and thinking about the infirmity rather than speaking and thinking about your healing, allowing the enemy to maintain the stronghold.

But Can Witchcraft Cause Sickness?

The Bible talks about Jezebel and her witchcrafts in 2 Kings 9:22. I believe infirmities are part of Jezebel’s witchcrafts. Witchcraft is a spiritual force, one of the powers listed in Ephesians 6, that the enemy uses to attack us. 


The word for witchcraft in 2 Kings 9:22 comes from the Hebrew “kesheph.” It means sorcery and witchcraft. Merriam-Webster defines witchcraft as “the use of sorcery or magic, communication with a familiar.” Sorcery is defined as “the use of magical powers that are obtained through evil spirits.” The Queen Jezebel in the Old Testament was influenced by the spirit we call Jezebel today. She was practicing witchcraft—sorcery—against her enemies.

Sometimes Jezebel accomplished her wicked agenda with ungodly fasting, as in the case when she usurped Ahab’s authority, wrote a letter of lies and got Naboth killed. Other times, Jezebel literally had her enemies murdered, like the true prophets of Jehovah who would not eat at her table. Still other times, she released word curses that sent people into fear and depression, as she did with Elijah after the showdown at Mount Carmel.

How Does This Literally Work?

I believe people can release witchcraft word curses against you. I more than believe it, I know it because my inbox is full of them every week. People curse me, my family, my ministry and more with the wicked words of their mouth—most of the times these are Christians. 

A witchcraft word curse from a Christian, I believe, is more powerful than any curse from a witch because a believer’s words carry an anointing. We’re supposed to break yokes with our words but I believe we can release yokes of sickness with words like, “You’re going to get sick if you don’t slow down,” or “Your mother has all of these autoimmune diseases and that’s your future” or “God didn’t really heal him from that disease. It was just in remission and now it’s manifesting again.”

Of course, these witchcraft curses don’t have to come through Christians. The power of death and life are in every created human being’s mouth. Doctors can release word curses over you while trying to offer a diagnosis. And, yes, witches can release negative thought forms and curses against you. (Read my recent article about thought curses.) I knew one brother who was cursed by a well-known prophet in Africa and turned up with rashes all over his body until the curses were finally broken.

Taking Authority Over Jezebel’s Infirmities

What’s a believer to do? When it comes to witchcraft, we have to withstand it. The Amplified Bible says to “be firm in faith [against his onset—rooted, established, strong, immovable, and determined]” (1 Pet. 5:9). It’s easy enough to give in to witchcraft, especially if you don’t know what is attacking you. 

So if you feel like giving up, when you feel tired for no reason, when you have strong confusion, when you are fighting an intense battle in your mind and when infirmities are manifesting, it could be witchcraft—and it could lead you to the doorstep of infirmity. Resist it at its onset. Cast it off. Submit yourself to God. “Resist the devil [stand firm against him], and he will flee from you” (James 4:7, AMP).

Thank Jesus for His blood and plead it over yourself. Rejoice in the Lord. Praise and worship carry breakthrough. That’s often all it takes to change the spiritual climate in your home. And worship is where we should start because He is worthy of our adoration.

Take authority over the witchcraft in the name above all names. But before you do, make sure you don’t have any common ground with the enemy. Repent for any rebellion in your heart, and surrender your will anew to God. Remember, we are more than conquerors in Christ, and no weapon formed against us can prosper—not even witchcraft. Our job is to be spiritually discerning enough to catch the devil at his onset, resist him, rebuke him and praise God for the victory. Sometimes the battle is fiercer and longer than we would like to endure but we will win if we don’t quit. Amen.

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