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Joyce Meyer

Have you ever thought about the importance of a name? A person’s name represents and personifies his character, setting him apart from everyone else. When we call someone by name, we are declaring something about that person.

In the same way, when we say the name of Jesus, we are not just speaking a name. We are declaring a name that embodies power—not human power, but all the power and authority of God (see Col. 2:9-10, The Amplified Bible).

When we speak that name, we are describing the Person. Jesus means “Savior,” and we are calling Him according to what He does for us—He saves us from sin, from our failures and from circumstances that are not in His will (see Matt. 1:21).

The Bible teaches that there is no other name above the name of Jesus. Jesus’ name represents Jesus, so when we pray in His name, it is as though Jesus is praying. When we speak the name of Jesus in prayer, power is immediately made available to us.

Ephesians 1:19 speaks about “the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe.” Imagine having so much power that your circumstances could not defeat you—power so great that its strength cannot even be measured. That is exactly what is available to us through Jesus.

Many people want to experience that kind of power in their lives, but they don’t understand that in order to release it, they must speak the name of Jesus in faith. That wonderful name has been given to those who believe. When we become children of God, everything in that name belongs to us.

Many people—including Christians—don’t have a clue about the tremendous power in the name of Jesus. I used to be one of them. And like many Christians today, I was powerless. I “used” the name of Jesus, tacking it onto the end of my prayers, but I was powerless to bring about any real change in my life.

Did you know that you can live a Christian life and still be powerless? It’s true—but that’s not the way God intended it to be. Colossians 2:9-10 tells us that all the power of God has been invested in the name of Jesus, and that name has been given to those who believe in Him.

The power of that name, which resides in us, can be released through prayer and the words of our mouth. When we recognize the power of the name of Jesus and believe that it is ours through faith, we will have confidence that we can use it in prayer for whatever we need.

It is not enough just to believe in Jesus. We must believe in the power of His name—and the fact that we have that power. Do you believe and confess that you are weak or that you are powerful? If you believe you are weak, it is because you really don’t believe you have the power.

If you want to enjoy the power of the name of Jesus, you cannot look at yourself and at everything you are not. You must look at Jesus and at everything He is and all He is willing to do for you and through you.

If your life is a mess, if you are not experiencing victory over your circumstances, then check your believing. Remember, Jesus Himself said: “According to your faith … be it done to you” (Matt. 9:29).

The weaknesses of the world are not your inheritance. Jesus did not come to Earth, die on the cross, and rise again on the third day for you to be weak and defeated. He went through all that to give you an inheritance—authority in this life and power to rule over your circumstances through His name.

I encourage you to stir up your faith in the power of Jesus’ name—the name above all names. That power is available to meet your every need. As you learn to exercise your right to use the name of Jesus, you will begin to experience God’s good plan for your life and enjoy all the blessings He has set aside for you!

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