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Barbara Wentroble

Barbara Wentroble

Barbara Wentroble
You and I are at the halfway point in a three-year time of transition. A prophetic word has come forth that the years 2008 through 2011 are a season of transition. In God’s timing, the halfway point can be the most dangerous time during transition. It is a time when some people decide the journey is too difficult. They can’t seem to catch the vision for the new place, so they decide to go back to an old place. Others make wrong turns that cause them to take a detour from their destinations.

Decisions made at this juncture will affect the future. They will either lead a person into his destiny or lead him away from what God has purposed for him.

Although there will be some great breakthroughs during transition, we must realize that a breakthrough does not mean the process is complete. The story of the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness reveals this principle. Although they experienced the miracles of the provision of water, food and protection from their enemies, they were still on a journey.

The wilderness was not their destiny! God had promised another place for them. They were not to be satisfied with merely being delivered from the past season of captivity. To fulfill their destiny they would need to persevere until they came into the promise of the Lord.

As we transition during this time, the Lord is going to cause us to see in a new way. The ability to see will require a greater level of faith. We will see new strategies and new resources during this time.

The Israelites arrived at the Red Sea and were ready to move forward. Their leader, Moses, lifted his rod, and the Red Sea parted. Everyone could see the dry path through the sea to the other side. The faith required at this place was only that the waters would remain parted until they crossed over.

Years later, another generation arrived at the Jordan. Although there had been a breakthrough previously at the Red Sea, the process of possessing their promise had not occurred. Bad decisions and wrong turns had been made. However, the promise of the Lord still remained. A greater level of faith and a new strategy were needed during this season.

The Israelites arrived at a time of year when the Jordan River was overflowing its banks. The land was flooded, and everything seemed out of control. Rather than utilizing the former strategy of a single person (Moses) lifting a rod, a corporate company of priests had to step into the flood with no dry path in sight. They needed a new level of faith to believe that if they took a step in obedience to the Word of the Lord, the river would part. Only then would they be able to see the path into the new place God had for them.

You may be looking at an impossible situation. You cannot see your way through the floodwaters. Yet God is going to clear the path as you move forward in faith and take the first step. Don’t wait for the entire path to be clear. Take the first step you know to take, and the Lord will then let you see the way into your promise! Don’t be afraid to use a different strategy for this new season.

The strategy for this season includes creativity. Fresh creativity will unlock resources and financial blessings. The Lord will show you how to accomplish more with less money and less effort during this time. Increase is going to come to those who are willing to make adjustments and keep their alignments in right order.

Guard the alignments the Lord has put in your life. The alignments of apostles, prophets and intercessors will provide strength and encouragement to keep you moving forward. These alignments are part of the resources God has placed in your life.

Along with strategy and resources, a new mindset is needed to reach God’s destiny. Too many people view the world with a mindset of defeat. They are sure that Satan is too strong for them.

The good news is that nothing is impossible with God! A mindset for victory will bring an increase in strength, vision and blessings from the Lord. The new mindset will release ability to pioneer new ways and new methods for success in the days ahead.

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