Hillary Clinton and the Three Tornadoes

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Editor’s Note: The following word is a description of a dream the Lord gave evangelist Perry Stone a number of years ago that has significance today. It is a reminder for all believers to continue to pray for the United States. The word was posted on Stone’s Web site, Voice of Evangelism, at voe.org in June.

Perry Stone
Several years ago, when Hillary Clinton was a senator for the state of New York, I had a very strong, clear dream. In this dream I was staying in a hotel in a major city (I am uncertain which city it was). I was with a group of young people who were a part of the ministry. As we entered a van, I observed a very large tornado moving toward the heart (downtown) of this city. We were attempting to “get out” before the main storm struck the area.

Driving out of the city, we were on a very straight and narrow road. To my surprise, I saw Hillary Clinton standing on the right side of the road in a large, open field, sporting a bright yellow pants suit. Behind her at a far distance were three very large and long tornadoes beginning to form. I knew that she would need to deal with these three storms that were coming. I was impressed by the fact that the three tornadoes were of equal length, and were very—and I mean very—long, extending from the height of the sky toward the ground.

At the time, Clinton was a senator for New York, and I questioned if these three storms would involve that state in some form. Then she became a candidate for president of the United States. This too intrigued me. Would she be the leader of the nation when these storms struck?

After Barack Obama was elected president, he chose Clinton to be the secretary of state. This is the fifth highest position of authority in the executive branch of the government. This important position enables the secretary to deal directly with nations, often through our ambassadors positioned around the world.

The symbolism in the dream is clear. The tornadoes in the city are future storms. They could allude to a series of terrorist attacks or some form of unrest that will come to a particular city. The field is the world (see Matt. 13:38). I believe the dream indicates that as secretary of state, Clinton will need to deal with three conflicts (tornadoes) that will come behind her during her administration. In the dream, the storms were in the distance and were unseen by Clinton. This indicates they will occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

Also, all three were lined up side-by-side. It is interesting to note that two areas of the world are presently causing great distress among the democratic nations. The first is North Korea. The demented leader of this country recently tested a nuclear bomb and is testing long-range missiles capable of reaching the west coast of the United States. He has boldly defied the United States and has threatened to use nuclear weapons against his enemies. It is one of the greatest current threats to the security of the west and to those living south of North Korea—namely, the South Korean citizens.

At the same time that North Korea is saber rattling, the country of Iran is becoming a volcano, with a political fire burning throughout the nation due to the controversial re-election of Ahmadinejad. This fanatical Islamic leader is presently enriching 5,000 centrifuges to provide uranium that can be used to create a nuclear warhead for their missiles.

A former military general from Iraq stated two years ago that Iran had missiles that could reach into Israel and Europe but did not at the time have their warheads perfected. According to some, within 6 to 18 months the Iranians will have the nuclear weapon they desire with missile capability.

Though it is still too early to tell, it is possible that these two nations, North Korea and Iran, are two of the storms that were spinning and preparing to hit the field (the world) scene. Several years ago, prior to the Iraq war, President Bush gave a State of the Union address in which he stated that an “axis of evil” existed that could be very dangerous in the future. He named Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Following the speech, the major secular news networks not only rebuked the president but also mocked his statement warning America about the possible dangers. Well, Bush was right, and the media was wrong.

As time moves forward, we will understand more clearly what these three long (this may allude to the length of time the trouble lasts), tornadoes represent. Whatever they allude to, Clinton will find it necessary to deal with the storms. Obviously, believers should be vigilant and continue in prayer for the safety of our nation.

About the author: Perry Stone is an international evangelist with 31 years of full-time ministry experience and the director of Voice of Evangelism (voe.org) in Cleveland, Tennessee. He is also the host of Manna-Fest, a weekly television program that airs on cable and satellite systems around the world. Stone is the author of more than 40 books and booklets, including The Meal That Heals and Breaking the Jewish Code (both Charisma House).

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