God’s Word on the Gulf Coast Crisis

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Elisabeth Farrell

Chuck D. Pierce

Chuck D. Pierce
The Lord longs for His glory to cover the earth like the waters cover the sea (see Hab. 2:14). The sea of the Gulf of Mexico is now filled with a gunk that represents uncapped resources that are now coming onto our shores. What has opened up is a spewing power that the enemy is accelerating with pressure—a well that can’t be capped by natural means. This has become a supernatural situation. Instead of [our being able to bring] forth the resources of the earth in an efficient way for the benefit of mankind, we are seeing these resources not only out of control but also unrefined and poisonous to the ecology.

Lord Sabaoth must come to our aid. The Captain of the Hosts must help. We must invite the angelic hosts to come, and they must feel welcomed along the coast!

There is something peculiar in the seas that has yet to be uncovered in this situation. There will be a greater explosion to heal this explosion. There has to be something that creates a ripple and a move in the water deeper than anything we have ever seen. Some way or another the move in the water in the Gulf has to cause that which is defiled in that whole area to come out. We have to get into a move deeper than we know.

God says, “I am capable of moving in the waters deeper than you’ve seen Me move. But you’re going to have to be willing to ride the wave when it comes.” There is a move of God coming that is so deep, the waters are going to move so deep, it is going to create such an action that we will have to ride the waves in this coming year. I am announcing this. This is an announcement. We will have to learn to ride some unusual waves for the year ahead!

There are some occult spirits along the Gulf that the Lord is ready to move. I speak to Texas. I speak to Louisiana. I speak to Mississippi. I speak to Alabama. I speak to Florida.

The Lord says, “Get ready. You are being delivered from an occult operation by My supernatural power that is coming in some very unusual ways! I am going to cleanse that area of divination. It is going to come through the power of My display. I’m going to do this supernaturally. You’ve tried to do it with your brain, but I’m going to do it supernaturally. You’ve tried to move one way in your thinking process.

“Watch Me go deep and push it out. I am going to start a move, and watch Me do unusual things in the Gulf Coast. I am going to go deep. I’m going to create swells. I’m going to bring in waves. I’m going to dispel things. Things are going to be thrown on land for you to wrap up and get out of the place.

This is a beginning, and this next year get ready to ride the waves for I will be moving people around. I will be changing locations. You get ready to ride the wave for I am going to push out that spiritual force that has held you captive and defiled the move of My Spirit. You are going to be released in a whole new way to hear Me and to move with Me and to prosper in a way you’ve not prospered.”

This is a warning from the Lord. He says, “I can turn the Gulf upside down as I turn ponds upside down and bring the bottom to the top! I am getting ready to bring the bottom to the top. Be creative. Know that I can give you understanding on businesses. Know that I can tell you what to do. Things will be coming from the top to the bottom. Get ready because you haven’t seen anything like you’re about to see. Bottoms up!”

Thank You, Lord, that there will be a new glory coming from the seas onto the land of America. “There will be a new glory of heaven coming out into the seas. I will send the glory down, and it will push out the bottom to the top. I will bring the top down and give My people first shot to create the new.”

About the author: Chuck D. Pierce is the president of Glory of
Zion International Ministries in Denton, Texas (gloryofzion.org). He is
known for his accurate prophetic gifting and has been used by God to
mobilize prayer throughout the world. Pierce is also the author of many
books, including his two most recent, Interpreting the Times and Redeeming
the Time
(both Charisma House). For more information about his
ministry or to purchase resources, go to his Web site. The material in
this e-newsletter is adapted from a message titled Bottoms Up! that was distributed June 25 by
Glory of Zion and is used by permission.

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