The Billion-Soul Harvest Has Begun

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James W. Goll

In 1983, seer prophet Bob Jones predicted that three key signs would occur as indicators of when the billion-soul harvest, particularly of youth, would begin. I want to review these prophetic signs of the times with you because I believe it is clear: The great harvest has begun! And I want you to exercise faith and believe for this great harvest in Jesus’ name!

It’s good to review things, isn’t it?

Habakkuk 3:2 (NASB) reads, “Lord, I have heard the report about You, and I was afraid. Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years. In the midst of the years make it known. In anger remember mercy.”

Part of that verse is also then quoted for us in other places like Psalm 85:4–7 (NIV), “Restore us again, God our Savior, and put away your displeasure toward us. Will you be angry with us forever? Will you prolong your anger through all generations? Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”

I want to be a bridge from prophetic history from the past to the present to the future. And I also want to lead us in crying out in intercession for the fulfillment of God’s prophetic promises. Would you pray with me?

Father, thank You for the Word of God, the Scriptures. Oh Lord, we have heard a report and we are asking that You would revive Your work in the midst of the years and that You would grant mercy. And the book of James says that mercy triumphs over judgment. And so we are calling forth for the higher law in your heart and we make an appeal to that, that mercy would prevail in a time of darkness.

Bob Jones’ Billion-Soul Harvest Prophecy

So I’m now going to recite the three words that Bob Jones gave in 1983 about this elusive thing called the billion-soul harvest.

NowI know these words firsthand, but I have also been checking this out again because there are many versions about these words of Bob Jones. So I have:

Watched and listened to a series of interviews with Mike Bickle from the international House of Prayer in Kansas City.

Watched a video interview of my friend Wesley Campbell with Mike Bickle that was done recently about the billion-soul harvest.

Talked in recent months with my friends Walt and Julie Meyer, who lived in Kansas City during all those early years, and now are a part in Santa Maria, California, of the healing rooms and the House of Prayer that is there.

I have done a little bit of due diligence because I wasn’t going to just rely on my own rehearsing or memory of these profound words.

3 Signs the Great Harvest Has Begun

So here we go. What did Jones say?

1. Abortion would be perfected and be made available by a pill. Planned Parenthood just announced the abortion pill  is available to order without doctors or parents’ consent to use at home.

Jones said abortion would be perfected by a pill. Mike Bickle even turned to him and asked, “Bob, do you even know what an abortion is?” And Jones persisted by saying abortion would be perfected by a pill.

This pill is available now over the counter, and you can even order it by mail and take it by yourself unattended in your own home, not even going to a clinic.

Bob Jones prophesied this in 1983—that abortion would be perfected by a pill. And we can say right now for sure that this word has been fulfilled.

Isaiah 60 says that darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people, and then a light will shine. Darkness is the backdrop for when light will shine the brightest.

2. Homosexual marriage would be legalized and openly promoted in the United States. The Respect for Marriage Act was passed by the 117th U.S. Congress and became law on Dec. 13, 2022.

It repealed the Defense of Marriage Act and requires that the U.S. federal government and all U.S. states and territories recognize the validity of same sex unions and give them the same provisions given to marriages between a man and a woman.

This was signed into law by President Joe Biden.

3. Workers in rice fields in Asia would be watching 24/7 worship and prayer on unplugged television sets on their wrists. Now, in 1983 we hardly had 24-7 worship and prayer. There was in Seoul, Korea, with Prayer Mountain and perhaps in a few other locations.

But in Kansas City with the International House of Prayer, 24-7 worship and prayer has now been going for 20-something years.

It’s filmed, it’s available, and it can actually be viewed on unplugged television sets on your wrist.

Bob Jones saw this and used the only language he could try to describe an indescribable invention that in 1983 did not exist. That’s pretty amazing!

Now I believe with all confidence that all three of these prophetic signs have been fulfilled—and the great harvest has begun.

What Do We Do Now?

So now let’s take encouragement from this. Let’s go back to our Scripture.

“Lord, I have heard the report about You, and I was afraid. Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years. In the midst of the years make it known. In anger remember mercy” (Hab. 3:2, NASB).

And that is our appeal today.

I don’t believe that we should take Jones’ word, “a billion-soul harvest” as the final word on the harvest. We see in part, we know in part, and we prophesy in part. And as great as his word was—why are we limiting the harvest to be 1 billion? Because he saw 1 billion in 1983?

We have a whole lot more people alive on earth today than we did in 1983.

So why not 2 billion? So let’s do this. Let’s pull a Joel 3:13 and “Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe.”

Now with full confidence. Now with full faith, we can say that the signs have been fulfilled.

Many people have been saying, “Well, when does this billion-soul harvest begin?”

I have wondered that myself.

Let’s just draw a line right now and say the billion-soul harvest has now begun because we know for sure that those three signs are truly fulfilled. Abortion by appeal is perfected and readily available. Homosexuality is legalized and promoted because on Dec. 13, 2022, it was authorized by the U.S. government.

And now with new technology, anyone can watch 24/7 worship and prayer on their wrists.

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Dr. James W. Goll is the founder of God Encounters Ministries. He is an international bestselling author, a certified Life Language Coach, an adviser to leaders and ministries and a recording artist. He has traveled around the world, ministering in more than 50 nations sharing the love of Jesus, imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry and life in the Spirit. He has recorded numerous classes with corresponding curriculum kits and is the author of more than 50 books, including  “The Seer,” “The Prophet,” “The Discerner,” “The Lost Art of Intercession” and “Praying with God’s Heart.” He is also the founder of GOLL Ideation LLC, where creativity, consulting and leadership training come together. 

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