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  • Evangelism 101

    Evangelism 101

    I'm convinced that God's will for you is to talk with other people about Christ.

    While witnessing to a guy on the streets of Denver once I explained how he could give his life to Jesus Christ. His response was, "That's too easy." I replied, "Do you want me to make it difficult?"

    Now, when I say "easy" I am not talking about what some call "easy believe-ism"--meaning if you simply mumble a quick phrase you will be pronounced "saved." No way!

    On the other hand, though, it is quite clear that we Christians in the 21st century have made the sharing of the simple gospel way too complicated. All you have to do is read some evangelism-training materials to know that.

  • The Great Chase

    The Great Chase

    God wants us to join Him in going after the thing He loves most: People He is after me and He’s after you, from eternity past until this very moment. He is in a passionate pursuit of all we are. Wow! What a thought and what a truth. You know the following verse—you’ve read it countless times …

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  • Reaping the Harvest

    Most people learn about the love of Jesus from a friend. Here’s how you can become an effective evangelist. One of the greatest questions facing every member of the body of Christ today is this: “Can we really reach the world we live in with the message of Jesus Christ?” If your answer is yes, …

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  • You Can Be a Rescuer

    by Scott Hinkle   Have you ever felt as if you were standing in the middle of a forest watching a rapidly spreading fire consume everything in the vicinity? I feel that way watching the flames of sin seemingly overtake our country. At times it feels nothing less than overwhelming. After leading an evangelism team …

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  • The Overlooked Commandment

    Imagine this not too far-fetched scenario: Mom and Dad are going out together for a few hours, and before they leave they make a simple request of their young son: "Johnny, we will be back in a few hours. Before we get back, could you please straighten up your bedroom?"

    Mom and Dad enjoy their evening out together, but they're shocked by what they see when they return home.

    The lawn is freshly mowed. The living room has been vacuumed. All the dinner dishes have been washed.

  • Can I Get A Witness?

    Just outside your door are countless unbelievers who need to hear the gospel. What’s preventing you from reaching them? One of the most heart-rending stories I’ve ever read is found in the Bible in Judges 19. It contains a message for every 21st century believer. The story tells of a young woman who was savagely …

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  • You Have What It Takes

    God has built into the life of every believer the ability to share the gospel

  • Life Comes at You Fast

    Jesus made spreading the gospel an utmost priority. Let's make it ours.

  • Why Does the Church Settle for Partial Revival?

    Why Does the Church Settle for Partial Revival?

    Pursue God for more than personal satisfaction, need or individual purpose. There was a time when the United States was known for having the very best of everything. Remember when U.S.-made products and automobiles were the very best, the U.S. economy was the strongest, and the American work ethic was a benchmark standard? It seems …

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  • Missing Weapons

    We need more Christians who are "weapons" fit for the Master's use.

  • Too Lite to Be Light?

    A Lo-Carb brand of personal religion is disastrous to the world.

  • You Can Be a Rescuer

    Let's concentrate on what any and every one of us can do to pull others from the flames.

  • Does the Devil Make Mistakes?

    Does the Devil Make Mistakes?

    Gratitude for God’s forgiveness will “send you back” to help others. Do you know that the devil makes mistakes–and big ones at that? The diabolical efforts of this enemy of our souls to steal, kill and destroy can at times seem overwhelming. But his efforts can at the same time create a phenomenon that works …

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  • Open Your Eyes

    Strangely enough, Jesus' associates could not see the potential for ministry right in front of them.

  • Loosen Up and Reach Out

    Paul was willing to be stretched ... so that he might win some for Christ.

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