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‘Jesus Revolution’ Releases Amidst Revival in America

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James Lasher

To put it plainly: America needs to see “Jesus Revolution.”

This telling of the counterculture movement that saw the revival fires of the West Coast spread across the world could not come at a better time.

With an America that is enduring dark times and division amongst her people, the stage is set for another national awakening just as it was in the late Sixties when the Jesus Movement began.

Charisma News sat down with producer Andy Erwin, who along with his brother Jon are the creative minds behind such movies as “I Can Only Imagine” and “Woodlawn,” to discuss their new upcoming film “Jesus Revolution.”

“I think that this film represents an inner yearning for so many people,” said Erwin. “It represents a desire of God to do it again…like never before. For people outside the church, especially for a younger generation, it represents the answer to the equation for something I think they’ve been desperately looking for.”

As each new generation comes of age, the same questions persist in their minds, they just manifest them differently. They search for that something missing in their lives, especially when society is experiencing a spiritual darkness similar to the 1960s.

People today are struggling to find their identity and purpose in life, while the world tries to guide them to false narratives and warped versions of who they are in Christ. The Erwin brothers felt an urgency to share the story of the Jesus Movement that helped shape a generation of spiritual leaders who found their identity despite that era’s darkness.

“People were just burnt out on the free love and sex, drugs and rock and roll kind of movement, looking for the right things in the wrong places,” Erwin continued. “They were looking for truth and love and to belong and identity, but they were looking for it in this thing that was a bottomless pit. And when the bottom fell out, they had an encounter with a living God.

“It was a moment in time where Christianity was very overt, and it was very countercultural. And those things shouldn’t go together, and they did.”

The movement worked, and is still working, because when it put God and His love in the center of it, the fruit of the Spirit was able to manifest in people’s lives.

The unwanted of society now had hope, identity, purpose and a sense of belonging that the world simply cannot offer. This pure sense of knowing one’s Creator can only come from a relationship with God.

Releasing in theaters nationwide on Feb. 24, “Jesus Revolution” has an all-star cast including Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier” and “Cheers”) and Jonathan Roumie (“The Chosen”) that brings the power of Jesus’ love to the big-screen.

Following the revival outbreak at Asbury University, this film could not come out at a better time for America. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.




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