25 Kingdom Initiatives for 2012

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Robert Ricciardelli


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As we move along into the New Year, I wanted to share 25 key
initiatives that I feel are significant for every believer. I am hopeful
that these will confirm some things the Lord has already been showing
you as well as encourage you to pray into these initiatives for your own
lives, and for the body of Christ. I pray that each of us would ask the
Father to reveal to us our part in the body and that we would seek Him
for guidance for His will to be done through us. May the Lord kingdomize
your life in amazing ways in 2012 to further expand His kingdom and His
glory upon the earth.

1. Give to Caesar (government) what is Caesar’s, and give to God what
is His, which are our very lives. Jesus was consumed with His Father’s
Kingdom being brought to the earth. We must focus on Christ and His kingdom rather than being overly concerned with political processes and
government foolishness. We pray for governmental change, but we must
look to God and not government to provide for us.

2. God is raising up new leaders who will stand for righteousness in
the realms of government. This generation of Daniels and Josephs will
continue to take their place in leading nations with Father’s influence,
presence and wisdom in governmental offices.

3. Father continues to shake all foundations that are not built upon
the Rock of Himself. We must stand out with His light in the midst of
the shaking all around us?

4. We must utilize what we do have and be busy doing what we must do.
We must surrender all paralyzing fear and worrying about what we don’t
have, or cannot do.

5. We must understand and activate true repentance in every area of
our lives; truly turn away from instead of just feeling sorry for our
patterns of sin.

6. We must swiftly move to forgiveness for every wrong committed
against us. We must allow His presence to eradicate bitterness from the
depths of our souls. We must forgive ourselves, and move on past the
shame simply because Jesus has forgiven us, and His work in forgiveness
is complete and has made us whole.

7. We are not victims, for in Christ we are victorious. We must
choose to not ever live as a victim, because the revelation of Christ
and His grace suffices for us daily. Live as a victor and flee from the
victim mindset.

8. We will accept and believe with all of our heart, soul and mind
that Jesus loves us, accepts us and is for us in every moment of every

9. We remain overwhelmed by the love and acceptance of God where we
are presently. We are children that are continuing to grow but also are
complete in Him NOW!

10. We acknowledge that our lives follow the way of the cross, knowing
persecution and trials will come. We choose to die more to self,
knowing that it is the narrow way He has asked us to follow. As we die
to self more, Christ lives through us and our joy is made complete in

11. We enter the rest in God, in the rest of who we are in Christ. We
rest from running around doing religious activities that He never
called us to do. We continue to Be more than we can ever Do! 

12. Confident and humble leaders need to continue to train and
release every member of their organizations into the ministry that the
Lord has called them to. This training and releasing goes beyond the
four walls of organized church.

13. Citywide transformation will expand as each individual realizes
his or her purpose and calling, and is released to fulfill it in
everyday life.

14. God’s servant leaders will continue to be recognized and promoted
because they seek to serve others with no concern of ever having to be
served. Corporate vision never controls or usurps God’s purpose for each

15. The Lord owns everything we have and asks us to steward
everything He has given us. We must ask Him how much to give and to
where, always willing to give 100 percent if He were to ask that of us.

16. Kingdomized people will continue to bring godly influence and
leadership to all the gates of the city. Kings and priests of God will
lead by serving His wisdom and authority in the spheres of government,
business, health care, media, law, church and the educational
jurisdictions of our cities.

17. Every believer must accept others and the blessing that they are,
rather than being offended by them in their differences. We must live
with unoffendable hearts hidden in Christ. We do not need to see
eye-to-eye in order to walk hand-in-hand.

18. We choose to see the good in people, pray for them, and love them
regardless of if they change and conform to our ways. Believe for the
best in others.

19. Every believer must understand their journey and the continual
process they walk in. They must humbly come alongside others who may not
be as far along in their journey or process.

20. Convergence can come as we truly love and become excited about
the uniqueness of each other’s differences, and value each expression of
God’s people.

21. Spiritual fathers will have a heart of giving to their spiritual
sons that surpass any thoughts of what they might receive in return
through their relationship.

22. We must seek to trash every idol in our life to be free in
serving effectively in the army of our Lord. The greatest idol that we
battle is the idol called “self;” continue to lay down self and become
selfless in our pursuit of Christ and His kingdom

23. We must see the kingdom of God beyond race, gender or age, and
seek to unite through all the diversity and expressions of His glorious
Kingdom. In the Kingdom male, female, Greek and Jew can work together
in the fullness and likeness of Christ.

24. Prophetic accountability in the body of Christ will increase as
prophetic people move beyond subjectivity. As a body, we will
collectively hear the “sound” of God through the multiplicity of

25. The earth will continue to be filled with the glory of the Lord
as more of His people move from religion to relationship while
continuing to become one with God and one with each other. We will love
as He loves, speak as He speaks, and do what He does, and we will be
changing the world together, “AS ONE.”

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