These Powerful, Spirit-Filled Quotes Will Change Your Life

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If my faith journey has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how hungry we are for Christ, we can always be hungrier. And no matter how in love we are with Christ, we can always fall more in love. No matter how mature we think we are—no matter what knowledge we might possess, there is always more. It’s an endless wonder of more in Christ. That’s how the kingdom works, hunger begets hunger. Love begets love. Seeking begets knowledge which begets seeking. It’s the cyclic nature of His passion with His people.

Never one to want my zeal to subside, I actively pursue words of edifying, propelling challenge that force me to wrestle afresh with His Majesty. These are a few of those such words—powerful quotes that I have been meditating on this week.

  1. The Call on Our Lives: “If your assignment doesn’t require a greater encounter [with God] than you need to lift your gaze a bit more.” —Michael Koulianos
  1. The Fragrance of the Church: “A culture of honor is celebrating who a person is instead of stumbling over who they aren’t.” —Bill Johnson
  1. What God Really Cares About: “A lot of people are fantasizing about what they are going to be in the future. God is wondering what you’re going to be now.” —Bobby Conner
  1. God’s Ability to Cast Vision Through Dreams: “I think the church needs to stop saying, ‘It’s just a dream…’ [Dreams are] the language and culture of heaven. … We’ve got this quote, ‘If you hang around the dream King, you get into a dream stream, you join yourself to a dream team and you do the Martin Luther King thing.’ Every dream is a potential movement. … A dream is like a seed. And if you stick with that dream long enough it becomes a tree and you influence the world.” —Lou Engle
  1. El Shaddai: “God will do it. He named Himself El Shaddai, ‘The God that is capable of doing for you what you’re incapable of doing for yourself.'” —Bobby Conner
  1. Becoming the Acts Church, Today: “There was a day when we measured our preaching by whether or not He came… There was a day when we measured our singing and our worship, and this was our gauge: did God like it? And did He live there? And when He comes, it’s incredibly measurable.” —Michael Koulianos
  1. How We Get It Backward: “What we do, we come up with a plot and plan and beg God to get in on it. Instead of spending time, letting the Holy Ghost show us what the Father’s plan is.” —Bobby Conner {eoa}

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