Can Demons Possess a Born-Again Christian?

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This is not a popular subject–it's like hanging our dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

While I was ministering in Malawi, East Africa during a healing campaign a demon-possessed lady came to me on bended knee. I reached out to touch her when all of a sudden the demonic spirits within her began to scream obscenities at me.

I rapidly sized up the situation, activated my authority in Christ and commanded these demons to be silenced in Jesus’ name. I started to quote from the Bible scriptures of the future destination of Satan and his demons. The demons pleaded with me to stop and allow them to stay. I said no, and within minutes this woman was set free.

3 Verses that Torment the Enemy:

“Then He will say to those at the left hand, ‘Depart from Me, you cursed, into the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matt. 25:41, MEV).

“Likewise, the angels who did not keep to their first domain, but forsook their own dwelling, He has kept in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day” (Jude 6).

“For if God did not spare the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness to be kept for judgment” (2 Pet. 2:4).

While at another outdoor evangelistic healing crusade in Northern Tanzania, a group of pastors tried to minister deliverance over a woman. They shouted, but nothing happened. They mistakenly thought that volume equaled authority. The demonic spirits knew that these pastors did not understand who they were in Christ, or the authority they had over these demons. My husband walked over and commanded the demonic spirits to leave and they left immediately.

Demonic activity is even running rampant in Christian homes and churches and it needs to be addressed openly so that God’s people can be delivered and set free. Wrong doctrine has taught us that this is not possible, but I can testify that I come into contact with demon-oppressed and demon-possessed Christians over and over, especially in these times that we are living in today.

This is not a popular subject—it’s like hanging our dirty laundry out for everyone to see. But it is time to expose the darkness that is lurking among the body of Christ. Shine the light of God’s truth so that people can be free and healed in spirit, soul and body. I believe this is one reason why Christians are hurting needlessly.

Years ago, as a Christian, I was under great physical attack. I struggled to be free from sickness. Then one night while praying in the Spirit, I felt led to lay my hands on my body and I renounced a spirit of death that was over my body. As I spoke out these words, I almost vomited as I felt something literally come out of me. And I was free from the attacks of the enemy in this area.

Perhaps, you just can’t seem to get free from death, sickness and disease. Lay your hand on your body and renounce this spirit of death coming against you with the authority that comes from the active blood of Jesus Christ.

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic, and soon to be released, The Healing Creed. Visit her at

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