Why ‘Hyper-Grace’ Is One of the Most Important Books You Will Read This Year

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Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks

This project has intrigued me since I began following Dr. Michael Brown’s discussion of the topic hypergrace. The reason this book is so important is because it helps you rightly divide the Word of God in the sea of many Jesus-exalting, God-glorifying voices. And yet the best voices can still fall prey to error and even deception. This is why we must know how to clearly identify what God’s grace is, what it does and how we are biblically called to respond.

I will cut right to the chase. While I do not agree with every single word in the book, I agree with enough of it to offer my highest recommendation. I thought about removing this bit from the review, but honestly, it should be kept. Regardless of where you stand on matters concerning God’s grace, salvation, holiness, the Law, Old Testament relevancy and eternal security, this is a very important book for you to read. Why? It will get you thinking—and in the best possible ways.

Right up front, Brown presents the facts with precision, love and respect. Between reading both his Hyper-Grace and Authentic Fire books, I have been amazed at how well a Christian leader such as Brown can call out deception (and, yes, name names) while maintaining such a strong witness of Christian character and even honoring those he does not agree with. Whether it is John MacArthur or Joseph Prince, Brown never resorts to painting with broad strokes, bashing or name-calling. Time after time, you will see him go out of his way to celebrate some of the wonderful contributions these leaders have made or are making to the body of Christ.

It will not take much research for you to discover which Christian leaders (and their perspectives on grace) this book addresses. If these are people you admire and are concerned that Brown’s perspective will ruin your image of them, hang in there with me.

I own two of pastor Joseph Prince’s books. I was radically impacted while reading his first one, Destined to Reign. I consistently enjoy watching his TV program (there are not many on Christian TV I can tolerate) and listening to his teaching. I am consistently refreshed by his intentionality at exalting Jesus Christ in the midst of the gimmicks and schemes of three-step-process Christianity. And yet I believe leaders like Prince would ultimately agree with the very heart of Dr. Brown’s message in Hyper-Grace. It is not about a person. It is not about a Christian leader. It is not about what people say; it is about what Scripture reveals.

After reading Hyper-Grace, I will still watch (and enjoy) Joseph Prince. However, I will walk away from this experience all the more intentional at evaluating what I hear from any Christian leader by the eternal standard of Scripture.

Throughout Hyper-Grace, Brown exposes readers to challenging topics concerning grace, such as: Do we need still to repent for our sins—even after we are saved? Does the Holy Spirit still convict us of sin, or is He okay with us living any old way we choose (and still claim a Christian label)? Are the words of Jesus Christ, as presented in Gospels, still relevant for us today? (It’s terrifying that some are even questioning this.) Is sanctification a lifelong process or is it simply part of what we receive at conversion? And finally, what place does the Law of God and the Old Testament have in a believer’s life in the 21st century? This is not an exhaustive topic listing but merely a selection of what you will discover in the book.

In the end, Dr. Brown makes readers aware that there are the different levels of hypergrace deception, with some leaders mildly entertaining error while others skirt dangerous heresy that actually distorts Scripture. This book is a vital tool to help Christians navigate the various messages and viewpoints when it comes to one of Scripture’s most glorious realities: grace.

Larry Sparks is author of the books Breakthrough Faith and Breakthrough Healing. He also founded Equip Culture Media—a ministry that empowers believers with the tools and resources they need to live victoriously through the supernatural power of God. Larry serves as director of curriculum resources for Destiny Image Publishers and hosts Life Supernatural, a weekly radio program that features bestselling authors, emerging filmmakers and key ministry leaders. He lives in Florida with his wife and daughter. Follow him on Twitter @LarryVSparks. Subscribe to his weekly blog at lawrencesparks.com.

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