Why Did God Give ‘This’ to Me?

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Kyle Winkler

It’s a question I frequently hear. It’s one I’ve asked. And maybe it’s one you’ve asked, too.

The question is, “God, why did You give this to me?

This can be any number of issues, from emotional or psychological struggles to symptoms or sicknesses, disabilities or disasters. When we struggle for so long, the tendency is to eventually blame God, which is exactly what the enemy wants.

The devil’s goal with a question like this is to take himself out of the limelight in order to make God seem to be the author of all evil. He does this to erode your confidence in God’s goodness, and ultimately, your relationship and intimacy with Him. If the enemy can influence you to believe your struggles mean that God isn’t good, He’s mad at you or He unfairly selected you to suffer, then you’ll naturally hold yourself at a distance from the Father.

The Truth About Your Struggles

The truth about your struggle is that God didn’t set it in motion; He’s upset about it, too. It’s definitely not what He wants for you but is a result of something gone wrong.

The Bible teaches the fall of humankind at the beginning brought disease, destruction and death into what God originally created as perfect. In other words, what we see today is not what God intended, but the results of a reckless driver named Satan and a visual impairment called sin.

Follow me here. If you pass by a junkyard filled with wrecked vehicles, you’d never ask, “Why did the manufacturer create the vehicle in that condition?” No, it’s obvious something happened that put the vehicle in that state.

It’s the same with creation.

As I explore in my book Shut Up, Devil, the issues that you and I face today—whether biological, psychological or spiritual—may be rooted in one of three reasons, which include a fallen creation. But they are never because God is picking on or punishing you.

How God Uses Your Pain

In whatever you face today, God wants to assure you that He loves you and He’s in this with you. He promises to never leave you nor forsake you, and to provide you strength in this weakness.

Whatever your pain, struggle, disability or trial, know that while God didn’t give it to you, He will use it to make you stronger, to build your character and to demonstrate His power.

Even though you didn’t choose your struggle, you do have a choice to make. Determine that nothing will make you a victim, but that you’ll use whatever it is to make the devil regret the day he ever messed with you.

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Kyle Winkler (kylewinkler.org) is the creator of the popular Shut Up, Devil! mobile app. His latest book is Activating the Power of God’s Word: 16 Strategic Declarations to Transform Your Life. Kyle holds a Master of Divinity in biblical studies from Regent University. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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