Unveiling Conspiracies: Prophetic Dreams Expose Corruption

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James Lasher

The Bible, a source of spiritual guidance for billions, contains numerous references to the power of dreams as a means of divine communication. Throughout both the Old and New Testaments, dreams serve as a conduit for God to convey messages, warnings and prophecies to individuals.

Prominent biblical figures such as Joseph, Daniel and Jacob experienced dreams that not only foretold future events but also provided them with divine guidance and wisdom. These dreams often had a profound impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. For instance, Joseph’s dreams led him to become an advisor to Pharaoh, while Daniel’s prophetic dreams helped him interpret the writing on the wall and save the lives of his fellow wise men.

Dreams in the Bible are not limited to specific individuals; they are also experienced by non-believers (Pharaoh and King Nebuchadnezzar) and those who may not be considered particularly spiritual. This demonstrates that the power of dreams transcends religious affiliation and highlights their significance as a prophetic means of communication between the God and humanity.

John Redenbo recently joined Charisma News to discuss what God is revealing about 2024 through dreams and prophecy. Redenbo shared that his team is seeing trends around increased exposure of compromise in the church, government and media.

“We also look at prophecy. We see prophecy more as confirmation. We actually believe that the gold standard of spiritual intelligence is dreams, and the reason is because dreams are encrypted and people don’t have any idea what they mean usually and this is really interesting particularly in the prophetic community because prophets they really value hearing the voice of God versus seeing the imagery of what we call the figurative language or the love language of God for dreams,” explains Redenbo

But what exactly is “spiritual intelligence?”

“I describe spiritual intelligence as a new movement in the prophetic and it’s a new movement of deep analysis. It’s not that you got to be a brainiac and figure it out, it’s really [a] Holy Spirit-led revelation through word of knowledge and word of wisdom like Joseph did like Daniel did,” says Redenbo.

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Intriguingly, several dreams have referenced moments from President Kennedy’s and assassination. This has led Redenbo to believe that God is revealing the roots of past deception that allowed corruption to take hold. As figures like JFK are re-examined, repentance will be needed from those who have been compromised.

“So for the JFK thing in particular…you’re going back to this date, this time, this location, these people were involved and it allowed a spirit into the country that was invited with legal standing at this moment,” explains Redenbo. “I believe a doorway was opened and part of the results of that doorway had to do with abortion, Roe v. Wade being 10 years later, and I believe that it had to do with specifically the JFK assassination. …God is showing this was an event that caused a compromise and a level of blood guilt on the country that we need to know about because it needs to be reversed.”

Redenbo acknowledges that this process may be difficult, but it will ultimately purify the land and usher in revival. He encourages leaders to model this whole-heart repentance for the next generation. 2024 looks to be a pivotal year where God heals America by bringing truth and hope out of darkness through dreams, prophecy and turning from wicked ways.

“God wants to heal us. He wants to heal the United States of America. There’s been generations of compromise of one on top of another. There’s been blood guilt; there’s been assassinations; there’s been the spirit of Jezebel and many other things that have been brought in of the spirit of occultism behind the Nazis. All these things have been invited into our land with legal standing and God is exposing these roots and exposing some of these base events that brought this stuff so that it can be cleaned up so that His blessing can be upon us and His favor to a thousand generations,” says Redenbo.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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