Divine Intervention Protects Ukrainian Soldiers From Possible Annihilation

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Shawn Akers

While it may seem as if the hand of God has been taken off the Ukraine, CBN Ukrainian Director Kostyyantine Lytvynenko and some Ukrainian soldiers beg to differ.

As the Russian invasion continues into its second week, Lytvynenko says he’s heard reports from the front lines of divine intervention that protected soldiers from possible annihilation on the battlefield. Lytvynenko, speaking in English, explained in this CBN video:

“One brother shared an audio from a brother in the church. He says his son is part of the military, and he was saying they were in the dark night and they were holding their positions when they discovered that a lot of Russian Federation tanks and machines had come. They knew they might struggle in defending themselves. The son picked up and called his father and he says that you have to pray right now for this situation. His father called to other members of the church and they started praying. Later, the son gives a phone call and he says a miracle happened. It looked like there was an attack from a spaceship, some kind of lightning that was shooting from the sky. Sparks were spreading everywhere. In the morning, they discovered that Russian machinery was destroyed. Some of the soldiers thought it was some kind of weapon they didn’t know about, but it was God’s intervention.”

A second instance of divine intervention was reported to Lytvynenko:

“There was another occasion that we just got from a friend. We were praying that they (the Russian soldiers) would start resisting each other. There are several occasions in the Bible where you see this. Another part of the Russian army occupied one little town and they removed flags from the town’s government buildings. They attached those flags to the tanks and they started to ride, and eventually in the dark, in the evening, they met another group of tanks. They thought they were enemies to each other and they started shooting at each other. That was God’s hand.”

Lytvynenko says he is proud of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s leadership and the resiliency of the Ukranian people during this horrific time in their history.

“The Ukrainians are surprising one another with unity, with such a readiness to help to unite and stand and push back the enemy,” Lytvynenko says. “Our president, Zelensky; he’s a real iron man. He’s in downtown Kiev and not stepping back. He’s coordinating war and resistance in our country. As he said before, when he became the president, every one of you are the president. And he says today, every one of you is a soldier. Not everyone can hold a machine gun. In many cities, people want to join the militia, the territorial defense, but the army says we have enough people, go find yourself another job and another way to help your country.”

Lytvynenko asks Christians to continue to pray for Ukraine and to pray that the Ukrainians could “hear God at this time.”

“We just need the continuation of your prayers and for you to participate in the informational war,” Lytvynenko says. “We have the basic needs, food and water, but we need prayer more than anything, that we would be able to have the peace in our hearts; that in our hearts we could see how we can continue to build the kingdom in this time of war, that we could be the light and the warmth and the love and the hand of God to other people who are in need. We all want to be the hands of God and be active members of the body of Christ in this time and not sit in fear for our lives, that we could be productive in building the kingdom here in Ukraine.” {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor for Charisma Media.

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