Tucker Carlson Calls for Moral Strength in America’s Spiritual Battle

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James Lasher

In a recent speech at Turning Point USA’s America Fest 2023 in Arizona, conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson framed the ongoing cultural and political battles in the United States through a theological lens. He argued that the current political climate transcends mere politics and is rooted in a spiritual battle between good and evil.

The evidence unmistakably shows an acceleration in whatever this dark force is in this country whose only impulse is to destroy, not to improve or create, but to destroy, and it’s all around us,” Carlson explains.

According to Carlson, the evidence of this dark force is unmistakable, and the only way to combat it is through moral strength. He claimed that many elected officials are serving as conduits of evil, which he defined as a spiritual force that predates humans, works through them, and ultimately destroys them.

“If you’re channeling actual evil; if you’re trying to destroy people for the sake of destroying them; if you are lying for the sake of lying, for the thrill of telling a lie; and if you are hurting people for the sin of telling the truth, and you’re offended simply because it is true; if the idea that somebody somewhere might be saying a true thing enrages you, that’s not politics,” he says. “That’s theology.”

The former Fox News host also pointed out that collective guilt and punishment based on identity politics is antithetical to both Christianity and Western civilization, which he said emerged from a Christian worldview. During a subsequent question-and-answer session, Carlson maintained that countries, like people, suffer consequences for immorality, and he warned against promoting abortion, prostitution and gender surgeries for children.

These warnings of America’s spiritual rot have been raised by the biggest voices in the spiritual arena.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains in his New York Times bestselling book “The Return of the Gods” how the United States invited evil spirits into her culture after kicking out God. With that action by the Warren Court, the demonic entities were given free reign to re-shape society into a twisted aberration that dishonors all that God designed and created.

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In recent months, Carlson has frequently used theological language to explain cultural battles, arguing that much of the current political discourse transcends politics. In a speech at The Heritage Foundation just days before Fox News canceled his top-rated primetime show in April, he similarly presented the political debate over transgenderism and abortion as part of a spiritual war.

So, what does the Bible say Christians are to do while living in a society that does not honor God? The Bible provides numerous examples of believers living in a society that did not obey God’s commands. One such example is Daniel, who lived in Babylon, a society that did not honor God. Despite this, Daniel remained faithful to God and was able to influence the king and those around him.

Similarly, Christians today are called to be a light in the darkness and to stand firm in their faith, even when society does not honor God. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Tucker Carlson’s speech at the America Fest 2023 highlights the spiritual battle that is taking place in the United States today. Christians are called to exhibit moral strength and remain faithful to God, even when society does not honor Him. By doing so, they can be a light in the darkness and positively impact those around them while growing the kingdom of God.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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