Morning Rundown: Hell Loses Another One: Reality Star and Tattoo Artist Baptized Into Kingdom

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Hell Loses Another One: Reality Star and Tattoo Artist Baptized Into Kingdom

All heaven is rejoicing because Satan has lost yet another soul.

Katherine von Drachenberg, a TV personality, tattoo artist, entrepreneur and recording artist, has laid down the occult and given her life to Jesus, capping a long journey of personal change by getting baptized in water as revealed by an Instagram video posted earlier this week.

Kat Von D, known for her work on the TLC reality television show LA Ink, renounced the occult and witchcraft last year. She has also long been known for her affinity toward all things Gothic.

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Close the Door on the Devil

October is here, and that’s demonic witchcraft month for root workers, soothsayers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, mediums—all those who practice the secret magic arts of the satanic world. From animal sacrifices to human sacrifices, October is the high holy days of the demonic realm, pointing toward a strong finish in December while the church of Jesus Christ remains asleep or in the lap of the Delilahs of our world. Allow me, a former high priest of Satan, to point you to the truth amid this season of lies.

The devil loves holidays, special days, special events and special moments, and he loves humanity as if he created it for himself. His No. 1 identity is as the “father of lies” (John 8:44c). Through deception and destruction, he seeks to negate people’s purpose and destiny. He gloats over the false realities in his corrupt demonic mindset over humanity, and he loves culture, using it to create fashion, entrapments, setups and other allegiances to his kingdom.

All over the U.S., you can find the Halloween stores that pop up during October. Here in my city, one goes up every year, and the rent for that particular store in Manhattan, New York, is an easy $30,000 for the month. If you put on one of the costumes that fill the store and dress yourself up for the devil, you trade the pure identity God created you to have for a false one.

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Overcoming Demonic Dominions and Territories

I was an excited young church planter who loved the prophetic, miracles and revival but it seemed like I was living under a cloud! Every time we would make a spiritual advance in our church there would be an immediate backlash. Sometimes the attack would hit my mind. Many times, the attack would be executed by the mouths of people. I noticed that two demons seemed to pop up frequently: Jezebel and religion. Jezebel would manifest by people coming in to infiltrate out prayer and prophetic teams and then manifesting rebellion, accusation and manipulation. Religion would manifest through offense, false belief systems and unending attacks against the move of God.

What was wrong? Why did I keep facing these things? Perhaps I was missing it somewhere. These questions would drive me deep into prayer. It was through prayer that I began to recognize demonic patterns. I then did research on the region and found two things: 1) Witchcraft was very prevalent; 2) There had never been a Spirit-filled revival in the territory.

The region was resisting the move of God. I finally recognized the warfare was not personal! I was in combat against territorial demons and attacks.

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