7 Ways to Bless Your Wife on Mother’s Day and Always

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Jackie Bledsoe

For those of us who are married, loving our wives is one of the most important things we can do for our children, which is listed as the No. 1 point on our classic “10 Ways to Be an All Pro Dad” list.

It’s foundational when it comes to your relationship with your kids and makes this time of year and Mother’s Day even more important. Our kids are watching us and how we interact with their mothers. They remember when Daddy brings Mommy flowers or when Daddy kisses Mommy when he greets her or leaves for the day.

For most of you, Mother’s Day and your marriage go hand in hand. Don’t limit your appreciation of her to what she does with and for your kids, but also show your thankfulness for her as your wife. Make it a regular thing, not just during the holiday.

Here are seven ways to bless your wife this Mother’s Day and throughout the year.

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1. Surprise her. My wife absolutely loves surprises. Perhaps your wife does too. I’ve learned surprises don’t have to be big, budget-busting or elaborate. Just do something for her when she isn’t expecting it.

2. Be thoughtful. “It’s the thought that counts.” That is sometimes used as a disclaimer for a “bad” gift, but it’s true when you carefully think ahead to do or give something that has a significant meaning for your wife.

3. Involve the kids. While I can’t take credit, my kids love doing things for my wife on Mother’s Day and any day. Your kids probably do too, and your wife will love it even more when they’re involved.

4. Tease her. Extending Mother’s Day beyond the actual day or giving a preview is a great way to get her excited and anticipating the day. Strategically do or give her something days in advance leading up to Mother’s Day, maybe a special note each day from you and each of your kids.

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5. Give her a break. Have you tried playing the role of mom or doing the things a mom normally does? Talk about extending your comfort zone and hard work! Sometimes the best gift is no gift at all, just time to relax.

6. Tell her. How often do you express how much your wife means to you as the mother of your kids and as your lover. Tell her verbally, tell her with a love letter or act it out. It doesn’t matter how, just be sure to tell her.

7. Tell everyone. Bragging isn’t great when it’s on yourself, but bragging on your wife and her motherhood skills is awesome. Let the world know you married a great woman who is also a great mom. Use social media, rent an ad, whatever. Just be sure to encourage her and let others know how much she means to you and your kids.

What do you think your kids’ mom will enjoy most this Mother’s Day?

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Jackie Bledsoe is an author, blogger and speaker, but first and foremost a husband and father of three, who helps men better lead and love the ones who matter most. For the original article, visit allprodad.com.

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