ICYMI: Demystifying ‘The Secrets to Generational Curses’ with Mondo De La Vega and Alexander Pagani

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James Lasher

As darkness moves to imprison people around the world in spiritual bondage, there are those who are driving back the demonic powers that seek to oppress humanity.

During a recent live Q&A, renowned media host and author Mondo De La Vega sat down with Apostle Alexander Pagani to unveil a driving force behind spiritual oppression for many around the world: generational curses.

Detailing why he felt the Lord instructed him to write his newest book, The Secrets to Generational Curses, Pagani extolled the importance of being set free spiritually from these destructive curses.

“I began to question why are the very same people that we [are] helping go through deliverance coming back to get deliverance? Then re-deliverance, and then re-re-deliverance…eventually I began to question two things: is this deliverance idolatry and deliverance addiction, or am I doing something wrong?

“The goal of deliverance is to go through a deliverance session, you get set free and then you never have to come back,” Pagani explains.

“The Holy Spirit said [to me] it was not a demon issue, it is not a flesh issue, it is a generational curse issue. So, it started me on a path to really explore more the idea of: is there another level of freedom that is a part of the total package of freedom in Christ,” he adds.

De La Vega and Pagani then tackled an important part of deliverance ministry and freedom from generational curses that many Christians are either unwilling to discuss or simply do not believe: the difference between Christians being demonized versus being possessed.

In previous Charisma Media interviews, Pagani has made his stance very clear on the matter: Christians cannot be possessed by demons, but they can suffer under demonic torment.

Yet it was from his own personal testimony and those of his church members that Pagani shared how they were suffering under the weight of demonic oppression, but were not possessed by these demons. Instead, they were tormented spiritually and being attacked on multiple fronts while seeking the Lord on the matter, when what they truly needed at the hands of God was deliverance.

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And that is the same deliverance that Jesus administered during His time on earth, and the same deliverance that He entrusted His followers to continue to perform until His return.

“I said to the Lord, ‘What do I need to do to help people get set free?’ and He said, ‘deliverance.’ I remember telling God no [thinking] Christians cannot be demonized (oppressed). But I was desperate and this is how I entered into deliverance,” says Pagani.

Taking questions from the audience, Pagani highlighted the need for righteousness to take place in one’s life and breaking the chains from past generations that may be holding a person captive in the sins of their ancestors.

The first thing Pagani implores viewers to do is recognize the patterns in their lives to identify the potential of a generational curse being in play in their lives.

“Based on the outcome that you keep seeing, [things] repetitively keep happening, that’s how you identify it. If you keep seeing the same thing happening over and over and over again, and you’ve troubleshooted what could potentially be the problem, if it leads to ‘I think this could be a curse,’ then you have identified by name or function what is the curse,” says Pagani.

“If your family is in drug addiction, everyone is into gangs, is everyone into making money, is everyone lying? That is how you identify it, by what you consistently see happening over and over again.”

Continual growth and maturation in one’s faith are of paramount importance for Christians to stand firm against the spiritual attacks of the devil. Just as physical strength and resilience require ongoing exercise and nourishment, spiritual strength and maturity demand continuous engagement with God’s Word, prayer and fellowship.

In a world where spiritual battles are a constant reality, a deepening faith equips believers with the wisdom, discernment and spiritual armor needed to resist the devil’s curses, schemes and temptations.

As Christians mature in their faith, they become better equipped to recognize and confront spiritual attacks, remaining steadfast in their commitment to God’s truth and righteousness. This ongoing growth not only safeguards individual believers from spiritual oppression such as generational curses, but also strengthens the body of Christ, creating a community of believers who can support and uplift one another in times of spiritual warfare.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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